by Sheri on December 12, 2012

How cool is today’s date!

This they say today is a lucky day…mmmm…not sure about that.  I woke up this morning to it snowing and cold! 

Therefore I did not plan to do a whole lot.  The only thing that took me out of the house today was to take Jaxin to school.


I had a hankering for French toast so I made the boys some then I whipped me up a batch!  Zaxari loves it and usually eats a whole piece to himself.  It is the only way I can get him to eat eggs these days!  Hates them any other way.

Now onto my French toast!


Two slices of sprouted grain raisin bread dipped into eggs, egg whites, cinnamon and chia seed mix.  Then cooked in a pan with a little bit of coconut oil.


Topped with a big dollop of greek yogurt, a little leftover cranberry sauce and sprinkled with pom seeds.  So good!  I also had a hot cup of coffee.

I took Jaxin to school.  Thank goodness they did not call a blue day!  Which means we have to take the kids into the school!  It is a lot of work having to cart Zaxari and Jaxin into the school at the same time.  What I usually do is leave early enough so I can park up really close to the door that Jaxin goes in and wait till the last minute and then take him when the teacher comes out to get the kids.  That way I can leave Zaxari in the nice warm car.  Much easier for me!  Jaxin is a handful as it is! 

When I got home I tidied up a bit and then gave Zaxari a snack before letting him nap for a bit.  He was cranky!


While he was napping I had myself a snack.


Leftover sweet potato wedges topped with Almond butter and some pom seeds.  Loving my pom seeds!  I also LOVE this snack…so satisfying!

I did a few things around the house and then woke up poor Zaxari to go pick up Jaxin for 11:30am.


After I gave the boys their lunch I made mine.  I like to be able to sit and enjoy it so I tend to have mine after I get them fed.


A big old green salad topped with sautéed shrimp and you guessed it more POM seeds! HA! 


This salad tasted so good.  Exactly what I wanted today. I love it when that happens I seem to enjoy my meal way more.

When lunch was finished I cleaned up and played a little with the boys.  Then gave them their afternoon snack and put Zaxari down for a nap.

While he slept I got on the treadmill for a much needed walk for some light exercise.  Doctor’s orders!


I walked for 30 minutes and read a few of my Oxygen issues that I had yet to get through.  I find it so hard to do any reading these days and I love it!!  That should be one of my mini goals during the HHTC!

When I was done.  I whipped up a Gingerbread Smoothie.  See my post below.  It was delicious!


Took a few pictures of my little tree!


We just have a small tree this year.  With Zaxari being just 1 and his little hands are into everything I thought it would be better to go small this year with shatter proof bulbs rather than my usual HUGE tree and delicate ornaments that little hands would get a hold of and possibly break!  So far he has been pretty good…but he has his moments!

Before I knew it the hubby was home and it was almost time to get supper started.


Tonight supper was easy!  Make your own Taco salad’s.


I would say that I got lots of veggies in my diet today!  No pom seeds on this one though!


I topped my salad with taco beef, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, salsa and greek yogurt.

Supper hit the spot!

Now it is 9pm and I need to take my shower before I get to bed.  See I can’t get the bandages on my legs wet so I have the hubby help me put some bags over my legs so I can take a shower.  Since this is pretty hard to do in the morning with the time crunch, as it is a little time consuming. I have been taking my showers at night.  So that has me getting ready for bed earlier than usual.

So with that long winded explanation I will bid you adieu!


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