5 non-fitness related things about me

by Sheri on January 18, 2015

So I was challenged by a friend to share 5 non-fitness related things about me.  So I accept that challenge…there is more to me than just fitness!  Well sort of!

1. I LOVE red wine!  If you follow my instagram feed you will know this!  I may live the fitness lifestyle but I also live LIFE and that includes a glass or two of wine every now and then!  I love trying new bottles.  Here are a couple of my favourites!

Inception – This is a South African wine that I came across that has become one of my go to wines! They describe it as a Deep Layered Red it is so yummy! Love it! Also it is under 20 bucks for the bottle…win!


Jelly Bean Merlot – I really like this one and again the price is under 20 bucks for the bottle.  So good! It is fruity with a hints of mocha and warm vanilla.  That is probably why I enjoy this one so much!


2. I love to travel! There are so many places that I still want to go!  PARIS being one of them!  I will get there one day.  I have been to Jamaica, New York, Las Vegas, South Carolina, New Orleans and Hawaii.  All such great trips and great memories.

 eiffel tower

3.  I am a real girly GIRL!  I love wearing make up, getting mani’s and pedi’s and watching chick flicks! Getting made up for photo shoots is the best time!  I love the glamour!

20140721_144300 20140814_213000

4. I LOVE to cook!! When it comes to my free meals sometimes I like to go out and eat but sometimes I just love to just stay home and whip up a new recipe I saw or just one of my favourite meals in the kitchen! I am a total foodie and I always will be! Nothing better than having a really good meal!


5. Reading is one of my passions!  I love to read and have made it a goal this year to try and read a book a month.  Don’t hold me too it though…we will see how it goes but I would really like to.  I do have a bit of a fitness magazine addiction as well….I have a huge stack currently sitting on my night stand.

The last book I read was Rob Lowe’s Biography.  I LOVED him growing up (HELLO…St. Elmo’s Fire!!) and I really enjoyed his story!

Rob Lowe

Well there you have it a little bit of an insight to my other side.


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