A belated Birthday present surprise!

by Sheri on August 20, 2009

Ok I do have to say that my husband is the BEST!  Yesterday he surprised me with a little gifty for my birthday that I had NO idea about!! See my birthday was on August 4th so I was quite surprised to receive this now.

He got me this!!!!!

Blendtec Blender

Wheeeeee!! Yes, you are seeing correctly that is a BLENDTEC blender people!!  OMG…so flipping happy!  It came with a Vitamin and Mineral Book which I kind of flipped through and is basically a bible for anything vitamin related.  He also got me an extra jar too so I have two!

I opened the box…

Recipe Book

It comes with a HUGE recipe book that I am sure I will be experimenting with and will of course share the results!

When I was looking at these blenders a while ago I said I really liked the red base and that is what he got me!  Mind you it does not go with my black appliances really…but whatever!  The red is purty!


Next…where the heck do i put it??  After a little shuffling around I managed to squeeze it in!

Appliance shuffle 

I don’t have a ton of counter space and I am an appliance queen! Go figure!

My husband also wanted to share his fun purchase that he got yesterday as well!  He practically begged me to put it on the blog!! Silly boy!  So without further ado….


Bike frame

You maybe wondering….WTH??  Well you see my hubby is a bit of mountain bike enthusiast and well pretty much every year he gets a new and better bike!  This here is the frame to the new bike that he has purchased.  If I told you the price tag of this lovely little purchase you would probably have a small heart attack…but what can I say he is a little crazy!  I am sure I will be posting a picture when the bike is fully assembled so stay tuned! 😉

Well now back to more important things….like my BLENDER!!

So of course this morning I had to blend up myself a Green Monster to christen my new lovely!


 Insert the ingredients:

1 scoop of Amazing Grass Original

1 cup of Almond Breeze

1/2 banana

1 tbs flax seed

2 big handfuls of spinach

1 cup ice cubes


Press the buttons!



Smoothie setting…CHECK!


Marvel at its ability to mix my green monster to perfection all by itself no less!  It just stops when it is done!  Each cycle is timed…so you can just leave it!

This blender is seriously the best!  This thing is a 100 times better than my old blender and my Green Monster was perfectly smooth and creamy!

Green Monster

I had it along with a piece of Ezekiel toast topped with Almond butter and berry preserves..so good!

Yummy toast

Well have stuff to do and better get doing it!

Ta for now!

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