A Day In The Life of Me – 1/19

by Sheri on January 20, 2015

Good Morning!

So I thought it might be fun to give you a little peak into what a typical day looks like for me.  This was yesterday.  It was a pretty low key day so I thought it would be the perfect one to share.

On with my day….

5:15 AM: My alarm goes off!  Time to get up and get my early morning cardio in before it is time to wake up the boys.

5:25 AM: I am in my workout cloths head down into the kitchen and have a little pre workout drink then off to the basement and hit the treadmill for a sweaty 30 minutes.


6:15 AM: I hop in the shower even though I plan to go to the gym this morning but I am super sweaty and feel gross.  I get dressed in workout cloths and dry my hair.

7:00 AM: Start to wake the boys up.  Get Jaxin dressed and then get Zaxari dressed, brush teeth and head downstairs for breakfast.

7:25 AM: Whip up breakfast! Cereal and banana for the boys.  Egg white omelette, sprouted grain toast with avocado and grapefruit for me.


7:55 AM: Give the boys their vitamins, clean up breakfast dishes and pack up lunches, snacks and my post workout food to go.  Along with a very large coffee!


8:30 AM: Time to get out the door and get Jaxin to school.  I leave early to get a spot closer to the school so it is not so far to walk Jaxin to the door.  If I arrive too late then I have to park a million miles away!  I start the car, get it loaded, get the boys in their jackets and boots and away we go.

8:45 AM: At school.  While we wait for the 9AM bell I sit and relax a bit drink my coffee and check my phone.


9:10 AM: Success! Jaxin is in school and now it is time for Zaxari and I to go to the gym.  I have my pre workout drink in the car on the way.

9:15 AM: At the gym!  It is very close! Drop Zaxari in the daycare and get my leg day started! New workout plan today and it was a challenging one.  Love it! Lots of squats…gotta build that booty!


11:15 AM: Done my workout.  Pick up Zaxari from the daycare and head out to the car where I have my post workout meal.


Oats mixed with chocolate peanut butter protein powder and topped with blueberries.  YUM!  I eat it with what is left of my coffee.

11:45 AM: Arrive home.  Change Zaxari’s diaper, put away our stuff, clean out the lunch bags and sit down for a bit and check email and Facebook! HA! Start a load of laundry.

12:30 PM: Make Zaxari lunch…he is now hungry.  I put together a ham and cheese sandwich and hope he eats it.  He does…and ALL of IT!!  A miracle to say the least!!

1:15 pm: Start to make my lunch.  Today I decide to have shrimp, whole wheat pasta, tomatoes and spinach with olive oil and a few kalamta olives thrown in at the last minute.  So good! This lunch was fast and easy since I had everything already prepped in the fridge.  Just warmed it all up in the skillet!


2:35 PM: Change Zaxari’s diaper and start to get ready to go and get Jaxin from school.  Zaxari decides that it is a nice time to totally MELTDOWN because he does not want to leave and get Jaxin.  Well I ignore said temper tantrum and proceed to dress him and get him in the car which takes 15 minutes!!

3:00 PM: Pick up Jaxin from school.  Zaxari is now fine and acts like nothing ever happened sweet as pie!  BAH!!

3:20 PM: Home from school and time to relax a little.  I give the boys a snack. Put the load of laundry in the dryer and start another load.  Also start the dishwasher it is full.


4:15 PM: Devin arrives home from work.  I decide that since he is home early it is the perfect time for me to make a quick trip to the grocery store alone!  But first I need to have my 4th meal of the day or I will want to buy everything in sight!  Must be prepared.

I whip up an Egg, Oat, banana and flax seed pancake!


Top it with a little peanut butter and sugar free maple syrup.  Chow it down! Simple and delicious.

5:00 PM: Head to the grocery store and get the few things we need.  While I am gone Devin feeds the kids supper.


6:10 PM: Back home put away the groceries, empty the dishwasher,  put in the dirty dishes, get the boys to clean up all their toys let them watch Caillou while I start to make my supper.

7:30 PM:  Devin goes and gives the boys a bath and I eat my supper.  Another throw everything into a pan and hope for the best meal!


In my bowl is:  Chicken breast, mushrooms, peppers, onion, black beans and corn then I topped it with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and hot sauce.  Yup…it was GOOD!  While I was eating I started to write this post.

8:10 PM:  Plan and prep my food for tomorrow, make Jaxin’s lunch and make Zaxari a snack for school.


9:00 PM: My last meal of the day and my favourite meal! Vanilla Casein Pudding!


9:30 PM: Bedtime and light outs!  Hitting the gym very early……..alarm set for 4:15 am.


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