A Day in the Life – Part I

by Sheri on October 29, 2012

I guess for the most part I am a pretty busy person.  Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) sometimes my days fly by and I wonder where the time went.  I love to read blogs and some of my favourite posts are the “Day in the Life” posts.  I am a nosy person by nature hence the reason I like reading blogs so I thought it would be fun to do a Day in the Life of my own.

Some background on me….I am of course a stay at home mom to two boys.  My oldest Jaxin is 5 1/2 years old and my youngest Zaxari just turned 1 year old on October 11th.  My oldest son has Down Syndrome.  It does bring some challenges to our lifestyle but we just work with it and go with the flow.  Having some extra challenges in regards to his life also brings a busy schedule for me on some days when we have doctors, speech or physiotherapy appointments to go to.  Plus he started Kindergarten in a public school this Fall so he goes to school every morning from 9:00am – 11:37am.

My husband is the sole money earner for the family and is self employed as a Technology consultant.  So he is at work all day from Monday to Friday.  I am the Manager of our home and the organizer of all the chaos on a daily basis!

So without further ado here is a typical day for me…



5:30 am – Time to get up.  I like to get my workout in before I need to get the boys up.  This morning is cardio.  I get up brush my teeth, put on my workout cloths and head down stairs.  I turn on the computer and check my email.

I also have my pre-workout drink.  It is still very dark outside, foggy and cold!


6:00 am – I head down to the basement to do my workout.  Today I did the Pyramid Video from Fit Yummy Mummy.


I am finished my workout by 6:15 am.  Great workout…to the point and intense.

Time to chug some water!


6:20 am – I hop in the shower and get myself ready for the day.


7:00 am – Time to wake the boys up.  Jaxin is already awake and waiting for me.


I pick out some school cloths for him we go to the potty, get dressed, brush his teeth, wash his face and put on his glasses. 

Next up Zaxari…he was kind of still sleeping and not very happy about getting up just yet.  Still on holidays I guess!


I change his diaper, get him dressed and brush his 8 little teeth…so cute!  He still is not sure about the tooth brush yet.

All this takes me about a 1/2 hour to do.

7:30am – Time for breakfast.  I sit Zaxari in his highchair and give him his milk first.


He also gets a bowl of oatmeal and some prunes.  Jaxin gets some waffles this morning..quick and easy along with some juice spiked with Cold Guard since I think he maybe getting a cold.  Bah!


This is one of his favourite breakfasts and he proceeds to eat it in record time!  While the boys are eating I multitask and make my breakfast.  On weekday mornings I try and make something quick and easy.

For some reason I thought this morning it would be good to have a two ingredient pancake.  We it did not work out very well!  I have made it before and it turned out perfect but not today.


It became burnt mush instead! Bah!  So I dumped it in the garbage and made a quick breakfast burrito instead.


1 egg, 1 slice of smoked ham, 1/2 slice of cheese and spinach.  Quick and easy.


Coffee…always a MUST for me in morning!

I fed Zaxari his oatmeal while I ate my breakfast one-handed.

8:00am – Start to get ready for school.  I made Jaxin’s snack, diaper change for Zaxari and potty visit for Jaxin.  Packed up Jaxin’s backpack, dress the kids in cold weather gear and get everyone into the car along with all our stuff.


Grapes and a cheese stick cut up.  This is his favourite snack and he will always eat it up.

8:45 – 9:00 am – Take Jaxin to school. 


When I drop Jaxin at school we have to wait at the side door of the school with the kids until the bell rings and the teacher comes and gets the kids.  So I have to walk Jaxin from the car to the school and wait with him.  I also have to take Zaxari along.  This morning I waited as long as I could in the car and then put Zaxari in the carrier strapped to my chest so I could have my hands free and keep him warmer than if I put him in the stroller.  Also taking the stroller would just be a pain since there is SNOW on the ground!  Once Jaxin was in school I walked around to the front office to drop off some paperwork that was wayyyyy overdue!

9:10  – 10:25 am – I stopped at the Vet Clinic and picked up some food for Zoei and then I went to Superstore to get a few items.


Eggs and spinach very important!

10:30 am – Back at home and I had a very cranky Zaxari on my hands.  So I made the decision to let him sleep until we had to go and get Jaxin from school at 11:30.  While Zaxari napped I put a load of Zaxari’s laundry in the machine, started typing this post and had my morning snack.


Cottage cheese, oats and raspberries sprinkled with some cinnamon.  So good.  I also had another cup of coffee since I never got to finish my morning cup.

11:20 am – I let Zaxari sleep as long as I could and then woke him up and threw his hat and coat on and away we went.  Poor kid was not sure what was going on!  I kept apologizing for waking him up to early and taking him out into the cold.

12:00 – 12:30 pm – LUNCH -  I got lunch ready right away for Zaxari and Jaxin when we got home.  Zaxari was cranky from being woken up and hungry.  I made Jaxin a ham and cheese quesadilla, a kiwi and a few grape tomatoes.  Zaxari got Milk, Chicken Minestrone and yogurt.

I had a warm lunch of Sweet Potato Lentil Chili on a bed of steamed spinach.


12:30 – 1:00 pm – Clean up from lunch and prep some snacks to go.  Jaxin had a speech session at 2:00pm.  It takes me 25 minutes to drive there so we need to leave by 1:30 pm at the latest.  I do another diaper change on Zaxari and put Jaxin on the potty before we leave.


I took along a Honey & Ginger Green Tea and 3 mini pumpkin protein muffins topped with almond butter and a few cocao nibs.

Stay tuned for Part II…..


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