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by Sheri on August 13, 2012

This morning someone decided to join me for a workout and see what all the FYM workouts are about.


The hubby joined me for my 6am workout.  He always says it looks so easy…pfffttt!  He was in for a rude awaking.


This morning I started Phase III of the TSS program.  I was ready!


TTS Phase III – Workout A

We did pretty good for the first time through this workout.  I think next time will go smoother for me.  The hubby was sweating like crazy when were done! HA!  He did not do the finisher with me because he rode his bike to work instead.  Call me crazy but I like the finisher with Squat Jacks and Mountain Climbers.

I am looking forward to doing WOB.  It has SB Jackknife and Renegade Rows which are two of my favourite moves!

After my workout I had a cold post workout shake


I even managed to get showered and dressed before the boys woke up this morning!  SCORE!


Egg white muffins loaded with veggies.


I had 4 of them along with some fresh strawberries.


Of course a frothy coffee…Americano..YUM!

After breakfast I tried to cross of a few things on my to do list.  I made a bunch of phone calls and made a few appointments.  Zoei to the vet and Zaxari’s 12 month vaccinations which he will get on his Birthday…poor kid!  But I needed to get them done before we leave for Maui in October.


I forgot to take a picture so here is a picture of the ingredients instead.


1/2 cup of Greek yogurt with a scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder mixed in.

While Zaxari had his morning nap Jaxin and I did a little coloring.


We practiced circles and lines in between me doing loads of laundry.


Chicken Meatloaf Muffins


I had two on a bed of greens with artichoke salsa as my topper. 


Super Yummy!

After lunch I got the boys ready and loaded them into the Chariot for a little walk to the store.


It was an adventure!  This was the first time I had them in the double Chariot together.  Zaxari did fine when Jaxin was not elbowing or leaning on him!  Poor thing.  Plus it was pretty hot out which I did not realize until I started walking.  When you have an air conditioned house you forget how hot it can be outside.  But we did ok we had lots of sunscreen on and water on board! Got to the store and back in about an hour.  Zaxari actually fell asleep.


Ice Cold Mocha Smoothie.


My afternoon pick me up!  I needed it after that hot walk!


Tonight I made a quick but yummy meal on the bbq.


Grilled shrimp, grilled veggies and baked sweet potato wedges.  I had everything ready and when the hubby got home all he had to do was cook it for me.


It took only about 15 – 20 minutes and we were eating.  It was delicious!

About an hour after supper I whipped up a little avocado pudding!


3 ingredients and a food processor is all you need!


and you get rich, creamy and OMG Delicious pudding!


I had half of what it made and will save the other half for tomorrow.


3 litres today!

Weekly Workouts:

~ Sunday: Off
~ Monday: TSS Phase III-A/Finisher
~ Tuesday: Interval Training (cardio)
~ Wednesday: TSS – Phase III-B/Finisher
~ Thursday: Interval Training
~ Friday: TSS – Phase III-A/Finisher
~ Saturday: Interval Training

Night all!

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