Busy Weekend

by Sheri on October 1, 2012

It was another busy weekend…but they always seem to feel that way!  Also maybe I should not blog about my weekend on a Monday…because I am having a problem remembering everything I did!


It was my day to get up with the boys.  I gave them their breakfast first and then I sat down and enjoyed mine.


“Oatless” Oatmeal…great breakfast and keeps me full for hours!  I topped it with thawed blueberries and some PB2 “sauce”.


I had leftovers.  Turkey Meatballs from earlier in the week. They were still fine.


I had them on top of zucchini “pasta”.  Very good!

In the afternoon we took a trip to Ikea and got Jaxin a new dresser.  Still in the box and still needs to be assembled.  Hopefully that will get done this weekend!  Sorry no pictures.  We were juggling two kids.  We could not take the stoller along so the hubby had Jaxin and I was carrying Zaxari!  Twas fun!


We grilled out.  The hubby pulled out some steaks from the freezer and declared them supper!  We need to try and clean out our freezer a little bit before we leave for Hawaii.


New York steak.  The almost last of our 1/4 of a cow we bought in the spring.  We have fresh meat coming while we are away…another reason we need to clean out our freezer!


Sautéed mushrooms for the top of our steaks!  Mmmmmmm….


I sliced up my steak and piled the meat and mushrooms on top of some sautéed Kale with zucchini…so delicious!

Later on in the evening the hubby and I chilled out and watch Avatar in 3D.  Pretty cool movie and a great story!


It was finally my day to sleep in.  The hubby came and woke me up and 9:15am and told me to hurry that breakfast was ready!


He made Wholegrain waffles, perfectly runny eggs and organic chicken maple sausage.  Oh so yummy breakfast!


Runny egg on top of the waffle = DELICOUS!

After breakfast we decided to go for a family walk.  The weather was very nice and we needed to be outside.


The air was crisp but it was still beautiful and felt great!




We walked for about an hour.


Crisp day called for a warm lunch.  3 Bean Soup from the freezer.


Love this soup!  I am going to have to make some more.


I also had two Kamut crackers topped with a smear of avocado and fresh tomato.

Daddy fed Zaxari his lunch.  Then gave him a fancy hairdo after when he had to wipe his face off! Smile




I had a small bowl of greek yogurt with mango and a sprinkle of Hemp Granola.


Mango is so good!

Most of my day was spent doing laundry, meal planning and prepping for the week and other stuff I can’t remember right now.


We grilled out again since the weather was so nice.  Bison burgers.


Wholegrain buns topped with artichoke salsa and a little smoked gouda cheese.  I had a side of cucumber coins and red pepper strips.

I finished up my evening making a new recipe for my Monday breakfast.  The recipe will follow soon!


So that was my weekend.  Went by super quick and I am now onto another week.  We leave for Maui in just 12 days!

October calendar

I am now starting to think about the organizing I have to do for that.  But I will save that for another post…..


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