DAY 12

by Sheri on June 29, 2012

This morning I slept in a little and cuddle with the hubby until 7:10am when I started to hear my little guys waking up. 

I started off my morning with my usual shot of kefir and vitamins.  Then got the kids breakfast ready.


This morning I was very unmotivated to make anything sensational for breakfast.  So I went the fast and easy root.


a Blue-Green Smoothie.  I sipped away at this while I fed Zaxari his breakfast.


I also started a small pot of coffee for myself…needed a little kick in my pants this morning.


Once Zaxari was down for his morning nap I tied on my workout shoes and got down to business.  I completed TSS Phase 1-B workout today with a finisher of Jump Squats and Hot Hands.  This workout always leaves me in a huge sweaty mess afterwards. 

I cooled down with a cold frothy post workout shake.


Then I showered and got ready for the day.  Zaxari stayed asleep during the whole process…it was great!



I even had my snack of a nectarine and pistachios before he got up.


I made a big old salad with some leftovers.


On a bed of spinach I put grilled chicken tenders, 1/3 cup of roasted chickpeas, 1/4 of an avocado and about 4 tbsps of Mango/Peach salsa.  This lunch was awesome!

After lunch I packed up the boys and we headed out for the afternoon.  My first destination the Framers Market!


I wanted to pick up some fresh roma tomatoes.


And basil.  Nothing tastes better than when it is fresh from the farmers market.  I have plans for this stuff this weekend!


I also stopped by one of my favorite vendors…GOing nUts!  This place is a nut lovers dream!


Butter Rum Pecans or Apple Cinnamon Almonds anyone!  Everything is all natural, very good and fresh tasting.  I picked up a little something for myself I just could not resist!


While I was out I had a Starbucks FREE DRINK card burning a whole in my purse and I needed to use it soooo…


I picked up a Skinny Mocha 1/2 Sweet Latte for my travels.  This always satisfies my chocolate cravings!

My final stop was to Walmart to get some baby food and pick up a few odds and ends.   By that time my stomach was growling so I dug out the little snack I bought for myself at the Farmers Market for the drive home.


The package is empty because I devoured it before I could take a picture! HA!  But this all natural bar was the BOMB!  So good.  I  think the next time I make a trip to the Farmer Market I will pick up a few more to have around.

The drive home was ridiculous!  I think everyone left work early today for the long weekend!


I was on the highway at 3:00pm going 23KM per HOUR!  It took me forever!  But thank goodness for air conditioning with the heat.  Me and the boys were cool and comfortable…plus my new car has air vents in the driver and passenger seats…I had a very cool toochy!  I LOVE IT!


Jaxin decided that a nap was needed!


Zax on the other hand was WIDE awake!  NOTE: I took these pictures once I was parked!


Here is what I picked up at the Farmers Market.  Vine Ripened Roma tomatoes, a big bag of fresh (OMG smells so good!) basil and some Tapenade.


Some of the odds and ends besides the baby food that I got at Walmart were: Sliced Kalamta Olives (love these), Artichoke hearts, Pom Seeds, Carrot Chips, Fresh Sweet Potatoes Crinkle Cut (love these for fries) and a spaghetti squash. Oh and Fresh Ravioli for Jaxin…he loves it.

While I waited for the hubby to come home with supper I munched on some sugar snap peas.


While I read City Palate magazine.  It is a free local magazine for foodies and I love reading it.


Tonight was a planned PI of pizza.


From our FAVORITE place Sophies they make the best takeout pizza!  So good!


Tonight it was pepperoni, ham, jalapenos, black olives and green peppers.  Sort of a compromise between me and the hubby.  He likes meat and I like veggies.  I had two pieces and I was STUFFED.

After supper I got out by myself for a bit.  I had to return something I had bought that did not work out and did a little browsing at the mall.  Needed a little time to myself after being with the little men in my life all week. 

Now I need to go and spend some time with the big man in my life and then off to bed!


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