DAY 15

by Sheri on July 2, 2012

Started my day out with my shot of Kefir and vitamins.  Then I had a yummy breakfast of “Oatmeal” minus the Oats.  I got this recipe from Tina’s blog and I really love it!  It keeps me full for hours!


I changed mine up a bit by adding chia seeds instead of flax meal and more cinnamon.  I love me some cinnamon!

I topped it with PB2 mixed into a nice sauce and fresh organic strawberries.  YUM!


I also had a cup of hot coffee with coconut  coffee creamer.


Today I completed the TSS Phase 1-A.  This one is a killer for me.  It has me shaking away in the legs in no time!  The Squat Press and Dumbbell Lunges are the worst!  I upped my weight today on the dumbbell lunges and my legs were like jello after! HA!  I am still having a heck of a time with the One Leg Dumbbell row.  I managed to do the first set with my leg in the air but the last two sets I had to put my foot on the floor for balance.  I am not sure If I will every be able to do all three sets with my leg up.  It is really hard!!  My favourite part of the circuit is the push ups and KB swings.

I was a big sweaty mess when I finished and every pour in my body was dripping sweat.  So I made sure to add lots of ice to my Post Workout Drink!


I practically gulped the whole thing down in no time!




Was a few hours later.  I had already planned to use up a few things in my fridge for this one.


In the salad wraps I had Tuna mixed with leftover roasted chickpeas and some bruschetta mix for the topping. Along side I had a nectarine cut up.  I love this combo and will probably have it again for sure!


I also tried a new flavor of Kombucha least new to me anyway.  Third Eye Chai.  I really like this one and would get it again.

After lunch I ate the last Coconut Chocolate Bliss Ball.


Then I did some stuff around the house wrote a few blog posts and planned my workouts for next week:

Weekly Workouts

~ Sunday: Off
~ Monday: TSS Phase 1-A/Finisher
~ Tuesday: Interval Training (cardio)
~ Wednesday: TSS – Phase 1-B/Finisher
~ Thursday: Interval Training
~ Friday: TSS – Phase 1-A/Finisher
~ Saturday: Interval Training

** TSS = Trouble Spot Solution and awesome program from Fit Yummy Mummy.

Then I went for an hour long massage!


It was wonderful!  I was so relaxed afterwards.


When I got home it was time for supper.  Tonight we grilled!  No surprise there. 

I munched on a few roasted mixed nuts the hubby made yesterday while we were making supper since I did not have my afternoon snack. 


On tonight’s menu was bison burgers.


I had mine bunless topped with cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, mustard and hot peppers.  On the side sweet potato fries and fresh corn.  The corn was so good!  Sweet and crisp!

Now I need to get a few more things done and get my oil but massaged body into a shower!

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