DAY 16

by Sheri on July 3, 2012

Hello!  Hope everyone enjoyed their Tuesday after the long weekend!  I must admit it was a little hard to get up this morning!  It was nice having the hubby home all weekend to help with the boys.  But I think it was harder for him to get up and go to work…I remember those days!  Plus our weather here today was the pits.  Windy, rainy and gloomy for most of the day.  But the rest of the week is looking good!  I have plans to take advantage of it and head outside.


This mornings breakfast looks pretty much the same as yesterday!  It was yucky out and I was wanting something warm.  So I whipped together another bowl of Oatmeal minus the oats.


I topped it with PB2 and some fresh strawberries.


A cup of hot coffee in my New York mug Smile


Also my goal today was to make sure I jugged the water.  So I kept filling up my 1 Litre to-go bottle all day.

Today was a little crazy.  I had my furnace cleaned. They were supposed to show up at 12:00pm but ended up showing up and hour early!  I was upstairs getting chained when they arrived I had to run to the door in my robe!  I sent them back out to their truck to wait until I was ready to let them in!  Ugh!  It took them a little while to do what they had to do and I had to keep the kids out of the way…not the easiest task with Jaxin!  But they got it done and a small fortune later we have a clean furnace.


My lunch today was a salad.


A big bowl of spinach topped with a leftover bison burger, red pepper chunks, a few carrots and some bruschetta.  It was delish!



1/2 cup of cottage cheese topped with fresh blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I also had an iced green tea.


I picked up these Stash Iced Green teas and I am loving them right now for a little afternoon pick me up.  They are little packets of powder that dissolve in water…so easy and taste great.  Of course they are unsweetened.  I tried the Lemon Ginger today..very yummy!



I managed to get my scheduled cardio done just before supper tonight.  I cranked out 45/15 of Mountain Climbers and 1 Leg Box Jumps.  I was doing this while supper was cooking.

After my cardio I rehydrated with a little Pineapple Coconut water.


This is the first time I tried a flavored coconut water and boy was it good.  It almost taste like a pina colada!  YUM!


Tonight was pasta night. 


However my “pasta” was spaghetti squash on top of some steamed kale and then topped with the meat sauce.  The meat in the sauce tonight was ground turkey.


It was delicious and filling.  I topped it with a little shredded parmesan cheese and hot chili flakes as well.

After supper we fooled around with the kids for a bit.  I also tried to snap a picture of the two new teeth that Zaxari is getting!


As you can see he already has his bottom two teeth.  He has had those since he was 5 months.  But now he is getting his top two teeth.


You can almost see them in this one.  But I managed to get closer…


say ahhhhhh!!  They are just starting to come through.


He has been such a little trooper too!  It has not really interrupted his sleep at all and for the most part he is still his happy little self for most of the day!  We are really lucky so far actually.


He is just so darn cute!  Ugh!

Also it is T-minus 2 days and counting till the start of Stampede in this town.  It is a big year for the Stampede as they are celebrating 100 years this year!  So there is lots going on in town and the city is getting pretty pumped.


I am excited because the hubby and I managed to score some awesome tickets!

Garth Brooks

To see Garth Brooks!  BAH!  I will be in the 4th row on the evening of July 12th yelling my guts out!  We are going to have a great time!  I cannot wait!   We have also seen Garth in Vegas which was totally awesome.  But this concert is going to rock..for sure!  I am psyched can you tell! HA!

Well time to wrap it up…sleep is calling my name!

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