DAY 22–No Excuses

by Sheri on July 9, 2012


Nope no excuses this morning!  I was up bright and early at 5:30am to get my workout in.  I really like doing it first thing in the morning actually it gives me energy for the rest of the day and believe it or not puts me in a good mood!


This week is the last week for Phase 1 of the Trouble Spot Solution for me.  I move on to Phase 2 next week THIGHS.   I have had a peek at the workout plan and it looks like a good one!


Today though it was Phase 1 WOB.  I can really feel myself getting stronger now.  The Stability Ball One Leg Curl I am no longer shaky and can control the ball with full range of motion…Love it!  I also need to increase the weight with the one hand KB swing.  I am going to give my 25lb kettlebell a go next time.    I used 22.5lb weights for both the One Leg RDL and One Arm DB Row.  The finisher just about did me in…LOVE (grits teeth) those Jump Squats NOT!


Today is was the quick and easy Blue-Green Smoothie.  Except I made this one with kale instead of spinach.  I lightly steam my kale to take a little of the bitterness out before I put in the blender.


I needed something fast this morning since I was taking Jaxin to a speech session.


My snack was eaten in the car on the way to Jaxin’s appointment.


I cup of fresh blueberries and 1 oz of cashews. YUM!


I also got an iced coffee since it was already 25 degrees out by 9:30am!


After Jaxin’s speech session I decided it would be nice to go and meet the hubby for lunch downtown since we were already so close.  It was spur of the moment and not planned.  I met up with him at noon and we took a walk to the food court in the CORE shopping centre.


Zaxari being his happy little self.


Jaxin too…cheeesssse!  They were happy to see Daddy! Smile


For lunch I got myself a Spicy California Spring Roll from the sushi place.  Not the most healthy thing but better than most of the places there really.  This was wrapped in rice papper instead of rice.  I like that better.


Zaxari had a bottle and some Baby Gourmet – Old Fashioned Apple Crisp.  He loves it!  It is easy to feed to him on the go since it is in a squeeze pouch.  Great for carting around in the diaper bag.


After we said good bye to the hubby.  I sweated myself into a puddle walking back to the car!  The air conditioning felt so darn good!  I ran to the Walmart for a few things and then went home.



Lunch was a little light because I was pretty hungry once I got home so I had a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.  I also pounded a lot of water today and so did the kids…it was the heat!


The hubby was not going to be home for supper because of a Stampede function so I made Jaxin and I a frittata. 


I loaded it with veggies!  Jaxin loves eggs so he ate it with no complaints.  It is the only way sometimes I can get multiple veggies into him! HA!  I topped mine with a little bruschetta it was delicious! Plus I had a plain piece of sprouted grain toast.

Tomorrow I have plans to take the boys to Grandma’s in the morning for a little visit.  I only have cardio for my workout so I will probably fit it in before supper.

Well it is now past 10 o’clock need to get to bed.

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