Day 3 – AB Challenge

by Sheri on August 16, 2012

I was up late last night and could not pull my butt out of bed until I heard the boys at 7:30am.  So my early morning cardio did not happen…but I DID do it!  When Zaxari went down for his morning nap.


I finally finished off the last of the egg white muffins.


I also had a piece of sprouted grain toast and about a cup of Strawberries.


Today I got my butt moving and did my Intervals while I let Jaxin watch a few cartoons and eat his morning snack.


I did 30/30 of Burpees with a plank jack and Mountain Climbers.  Work’n my core! 


Mountain Climbing


Burp’in it!

It was a breathless and sweaty 15 rounds!

After my cardio I did 2 rounds of the Core Circuit.  That is when I really started to sweat!


Still have a little giggly to get rid of!

After my workout I hopped into the shower and got dressed before Zaxari woke up. 


I fed the kids and just was not “feeling” lunch today.  It was horrible nothing I thought of having sounded good.  I had plans to go out after lunch so I decided to make a green smoothie to take along.


It was a good choice because it tasted so good.  I took it along and had it in the car on the way to the Farmer’s Market.

I was going to take my camera along and take a few pictures of one of my favourite places to go but I forgot my camera.  But here is a picture of what I picked up today.


Organic Eggs
Olive Tapenade (for the hubby)
Taber Corn
4 Gala Apples
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Basil
Roma Tomatoes
Green Onions
Romaine Lettuce

Few of the things I bought were for supper tonight.

On the way home I treated myself to an Iced Latte…I had the yawnies really bad so I needed a little pick-me-up!


It was exactly what I needed!  I also had a protein ball.


The last one.  Might have to make some more this weekend.


A delicious Mexican Chicken Salad. 


Chicken, Black bean mix on top of romaine lettuce.  I have made this before and I love it.  The black bean mix that goes with it is the bomb!


I have lots more of the bean mix for more lunches over the next few days.  I have plans for tomorrow lunch already with it!

A strength workout is schedule for tomorrow morning early.  I have to be ready before the kids get up because we have a busy day ahead.  Jaxin has physio in the afternoon and then I have to go and pick up my race pack for the race I am doing on Saturday night.


I am running the 5K and my girlfriend is running the 10K.  This is the first time I am doing this race it should be fun.  My friend has done it before and loved it.  I am not doing the 10K because I have not been running on a consistent basis so it is not a good idea.  I know that I can run 5K with no problem so I decided to do that.

Hope everyone has a great night and a fabulous Friday!

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