DAY 33 (Friday) – Going solo

by Sheri on July 22, 2012

Eating clean

Have to catch up a little today. It has been a busy last few days and this is the first chance I have had to sit down and do a little blogging. Friday was a busy day and I solo parented for the whole day. Hubby was at work and then went for a bike ride afterwards. So this left little time for myself. I was pretty tired by time the day ended and just wanted to unplug. So I did.


I started off my day early with my workout.


TSS Phase II Workout A – Out of WOA and WOB this one is my favourite I think. I love how strong my legs are feeling only after doing a week of the Phase II workouts!

I finished up with a post-workout shake and then about an hour later I had breakfast.


A bowl of quinoa with yummy toppings!


greek yogurt
PB2 drizzled over top
splash of coconut milk


Cold breakfast required a hot coffee!



A small bowl of grapes and Turkey Nugget Jerky. I really like the turkey jerky so good!


They are made by Jack Links and taste delicious. With them being nuggets sized these are great for a take and go snack!


The protein and calories are great on them as well.


4 nuggets have 11 grams of Protein!

When Zax went down for his nap I did a few things around the house and then showered.


I was not really all that hungry for lunch so I decided a green smoothie might be good. Light but still something in my tummy since I planned on going out to run some errands with the kids.


I put it in my to-go cup.



Since the hubby was not home for supper I made a salad.


I sautéed up some chicken tenders and roasted some sweet potato wedges.


I put them on top of some baby kale greens, broccoli slaw with tomatoes and some fresh salsa for my “dressing”.

After supper I gave both kids a bath and put them to bed then I vacuumed and steam cleaned my hardwood floors. They were looking pretty bad. The hubby got home around 9:30pm and it starting to storm out. Shortly after that I went to bed. I was beat!

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