DAY 34 – Date Night

by Sheri on July 22, 2012

Saturday we scheduled a Date Night!  But first my day started out by getting up with my little men at 7:30am and getting them some breakfast.


For myself I had another bowl of fruit topped quinoa.


a diced fresh peach
fresh blueberries
greek yogurt
sprinkle of coconut
splash of coconut milk


Along with a cup of coffee.


Today was a round of Intervals.  I did 45/15 of Box Jumps and Jumping Jacks while Zax had a nap.  Jaxin cheered me on!


A very yummy sandwich!


Two pieces of Ezekiel bread with greek olive hummus, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and pickles.  Oh so good!


With some crispy, crunchy cherries on the side.

The day just seemed to whip by after lunch and before I knew it it was time to get ready for our date night!  The hubby decided he wanted to drive out to Banff for supper.  It was a beautiful evening for it.

Once the babysitter arrived we were on our way!



Hello Banff!  I love living only an hour away from the mountains. 

We went to one of our favourite restaurants the Grizzly House.  It had been ages since we have been here.

Grizzly House

A fondue house!  It has been in Banff for years and years and it is awesome!


Banff is a busy town in the summer.  So the hubby dropped me at the restaurant while he went in search of a place to park our car.  It took him a little bit so I relaxed and decided on what I wanted for my meal.


We always get the complete fondue dinner.  He usually gets the Exotic Meats and I get the Beef and Lobster.  I was going to change it up and get something different but I stuck with what I love.


Once the hubs arrived we ordered some drinks.  Spicy Creaser for him and a glass of red for me! Smile

To start we shared a salad and the soup. (not pictured).  Then next up my favourite part of the meal the CHEESE!


They have the best cheese fondue!  Sharp, tangy and so delicious!  They also give you roasted garlic cloves to dump into the pot. 


We also got this dried cured meat to wrap around the bread before dipping in the cheese. It was almost like prosciutto Very good!


We scrapped the pot CLEAN!  It was so good!

After a little digesting it was time for the main course..the meat.


We always get the hot rock.  I don’t think my tummy would thank me very much if I dipped all my meat in HOT OIL to cook it.  Most people in the restaurant use the hot rock.


The rock was sizzling hot and spread in butter.


My beef and lobster.


The hubby’s exotic meats of bison, elk, venison, rattlesnake, ostrich, wild boar, kangaroo and shark!  I tasted the rattlesnake and guess what it tasted like chicken..of course!


My meat smoking and grilling away!  The main course was delish.

Last course….dessert!


A small pot of melted Tolberone chocolate with fresh fruit.  Yum!

We had a little bit of a walk back to the car which was a good thing because I was full and needed the walk to digest!

Me and D

It was a beautiful evening for a little walk in Banff.  We snapped this picture on the way to the car.  Happy and FULL…ohhhhh so FULL!

When we got home the kids were in bed sleeping so we got comfy on the couch and watched a movie before heading to bed.  It was a lovely evening!

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