DAY 35

by Sheri on July 22, 2012

Sunday = REST DAY

Plus it was my day to sleep in and after having our evening out I needed it!  I was feeling the effects of my indulgent supper the night before! Blech!


I got up around 9am and decided that a Green Smoothie was in order for today.


Almond Milk, 6 VERY large frozen strawberries, 2 scoops of Protein powder and 2 big handfuls of spinach.

After breakfast I sat down and did some work on the computer and wrote a few blog posts since I needed to catch up! 


Lunch was a salad with leftovers from the fridge.


Spinach topped with chicken tenders, sweet potato wedges, yellow pepper and tomatoes.  My dressing was a little bit of bruschetta.


All mixed up.  It was delicious!  I continued to work away on my computer until I needed to get ready to go to my parents for supper.


Tonight we went to my parents for a BBQ.  We got there early and visited for a bit and then my Dad bbq’d up some hamburgers for us.


My plate.


I had my hamburger bunless along with a scoop of potato salad and greek salad.  I put a little of the greek salad on top of my burger.  YUM!

We stayed at my parents place till about 7:30pm and then it was time to come home and put the boys to bed.

Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early and do my workout.  I have a busy day ahead.  Jaxin has two appointments tomorrow.  A speech session in the morning and then off to the orthopaedist in the afternoon for his hips.

This is the final week of the challenge my plan is to eat CLEAN all week and do all my workouts testing my limits with strength! 

Weekly Workouts:

~ Sunday: Off
~ Monday: TSS Phase II-B/Finisher
~ Tuesday: Interval Training (cardio)
~ Wednesday: TSS – Phase II-A/Finisher
~ Thursday: Interval Training
~ Friday: TSS – Phase II-B/Finisher
~ Saturday: Interval Training

Now it is 9:50pm and I plan on being in bed tonight by 10pm…I have 10 minutes left!  Getting MORE sleep this week is also part of my plan!

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