DAY 37 – Taking on a recipe

by Sheri on July 24, 2012

This morning I got to sleep in a little since it is a cardio day for me and I like to do it later in the day.  So I slept till 6:20am and then had to get up and get myself ready before I got the boys up.  Jaxin had an eye appointment this morning at 9:45am.


Last night I prepped my breakfast for this morning since I knew it would make it easier time wise.  I made a bowl of Overnight Oats.


Overnight Oats

In the fridge overnight in a bowl I put:

1/3 cup of muesli
2 tbsp of rolled oats
4 oz of Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp of chia seeds
2/3 cup of Almond Milk
1 generous tsp of cinnamon
splash of vanilla

Mix it up and stick it in the fridge overnight.  Then in the morning I topped it with fresh fruit, nuts and a drizzle of honey.  Or whatever you like really the choices are endless!  This is a great summer breakfast.



After breakfast we were on our way to Jaxin’s eye appointment.  This morning I made my coffee to go.

Jaxin did great at his eye appointment.  He was very cooperative little boy today which makes things so much easier!


His eyesight has not changed that much but we now will have to have surgery on his right eye in the Fall to repair the weak muscles that cause his eye to travel upward and sometimes a little outward.  The surgery takes only about 15 minutes and he is in and out before lunch.  He did great with his left eye so I am sure his right will go just as well.

While we were busy with the doctor Zax chilled out in the stroller and did a little light reading Winking smile


He was such a good boy.  I also kept him busy with a snack of prune juice and puffies!


It seem to do the trick!


Once we were back on the road I dug into my bag for my convenient snack of a Nogii bar.


Love these!  It feels like a treat almost!

I also stopped at the grocery store for a few things that I needed for supper and then got home for lunch.

While I was standing in line waiting to pay for my stuff.  I spotted a couple of magazines the covers grabbed my attention so I picked them up.


I love Cooking Light Magazine there is always great inspiration in there for tasty meals.  The Healthy Food Magazine is actually printed in the UK so it is pretty interesting to read with the different words they use like Veg and Cookery..etc!  So fun!  I LOVE magazines you should see the stack on my nightstand!


First thing I am going to read is this!  I love my some BBQ Salmon!


Today I just threw together a salad from what I had from leftovers in the fridge.


On top of the last of the Baby Kale greens I put the last of the meatballs from last night with hot peppers, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.  Simple but so good!  The meatballs even tasted better today.

In the afternoon if you follow my instagram feed you would see that I was doing a little recipe developing!  I had something in mind that I wanted to try my hand at and see if it worked.  I will post about the outcome soon! Winking smile



3 Liters today probably a little more since I am sitting here still drinking water and will have to pee soon!


I was so busy with my recipe this afternoon that I forgot to have a snack so I snacked on some snap peas as I made supper.  I also had the last of my Chicken Jerky Nuggets.




This meal was actually pretty easy!  Minimal ingredients and fish that cooks in a flash!  My kind of meal!

First I made the Chipotle Ponzu Sauce.


6 Ingredients that is it!  Put it all in a blender and blend until smooth.

The avocado salsa


In the mixture was avocado, cucumber, roma tomato, cilantro, sea salt, pepper and a little lime juice.  YUM!

Tuna Steaks


I grilled them inside tonight as our weather was not very nice and VERY windy!  It was a rainy cool day here.


Love my Cuisinart Griddler…it is awesome!


The tuna steaks took literally only 4 minutes!  That is it!  Actually that was even a little too long…I should have taken them off a minute sooner!

All on the plate.


I put the tuna on a bed of brown rice then topped it with the avocado salsa and the ponzu sauce.  It was amazing and FULL of flavor from the sauce.  The chipotle peppers gave it a nice kick!


The best part is I have left overs for tomorrow!  YUM!


I almost did not do my intervals tonight.  I usually do them before supper but I ended up running behind with all the cooking going on this afternoon.  But I stuck to my guns and did it anyway…I did not want to put it off!  Besides it only takes 15 minutes right!  I felt sluggish and a bit tired when I started.

I did 30/30 of Jump rope and Burpees.  I love this workout…it gets me sweaty and breathing hard! HA!

When I was finished I felt great!  I also had a HUGE drink of water.


Plus I had this little guy cheering me on through the last few rounds.


I pushed myself harder and made sure my Burpees were strong and I jumped extra high!


He is so darn cute!

What a busy day…now I think it is time to get myself to bed.  I have a strength workout in the morning to do!

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