DAY 38

by Sheri on July 25, 2012


Countdown day 5 till the end of the Challenge! Where has the time gone?? This morning I was up bright and early to complete my strength workout.


It was cloudy and gloomy out this morning so the house was a bit dark. Reminded me that Fall is just around the corner! I had my pre-workout drink and then got to it!


TSS Phase II Workout A


This workout is KILLER! My legs were like jello afterwards! The Bulgarian Split Squat makes my legs burn and I can hardly walk to the next exercise when I am done! Next time I am actually going to up the weight on this exercise since I think I can push it just a wee bit harder! I am going to get hard-core! Grrrrrr!!

After my workout I had my post workout shake.


I love looking at my countdown calendar and seeing all the completed red checkmarks! I have not missed or put off one workout since I started the challenge. After the challenge is over I still have to finish the TSS workout series I am doing as it is a 12 week program. My plan is to keep the momentum going and keep it up! I want to look great when I am on the beach in Maui come October.


About an hour later I had breakfast. A bowl of Oatless Oats.


I topped my bowl with fresh strawberries and a “sauce” of PB2 Chocolate. Holy YUM!

In the morning I puttered around the house and tried to take some more off my to-do list. Once Zax was down for a nap I jumped in the shower.


Was leftover Tuna.


I put the rest of the tuna, avocado salsa and ponzu sauce on a bed of spinach.


It was so yummy! The sauce tasted better today too!

After lunch the boys and I headed out to Jaxin’s phyiso appointment. But first I had to make a stop.


There are reasons why I am a gold card member! Surprised smile


I ordered a Venti Iced Green Tea unsweetened light on the ice.


It was oh so refreshing and perked me up for J’s appointment.


Jaxin did awesome at his session this afternoon. However, he was not as cooperative today as he was last week. I think he is feeling a little under the weather since he was not very active at home during the morning. Which showed at his appointment. So we did not push him too hard.

When Jaxin took the bike out for a little ride Zaxari and I had a little playtime. He was a little cranky today too so letting him out of the stroller to stretch and play made him happier.


Look Ma one hand!!




When Jaxin came in from his ride he was pretty much done. We did play a little game of hide and-go-seek before we left. He seemed to like it!



I ate my snack in the car on the way home.


I packed Deli roast turkey breast rolled up and one red pepper cut into strips. The red pepper was so yummy! Crisp and sweet! I love veggies in the summer they just taste so much better!



3 Litres and still going! Plus about a MILLION trips to the bathroom!


Tonight was a PI. I have been craving Indian food for awhile now and tonight was the night to crush the craving. Now I was not going to have any PI’s this week leading up to the end of the challenge but I decided I would schedule at least one. The rest of the week will be a clean menu.


This was butter chicken, Rogan Josh, Tandoori shrimp and Tandoori Roti. YUM! I enjoyed every bite!

I actually got this post done early tonight. Maybe I can do a little relaxing before it is time for bed. Tomorrow is a cardio day for me. I think I might do it in the morning and get it out of the way so the rest of my day is free. I am going to hang out with the boys and maybe we will go and do something fun!


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