Day 80

by Sheri on April 4, 2013

I have been pretty quiet on my blog lately….LOTS going on and not enough hours in the day to get it all done!

I would like to blog more but before I know it my day is done and so am I!

So how is my training going? Very well actually! It is my LIFE these days!


If I am not wearing runners I have my posing shoes on…..must learn to walk in these easily!  They have 5 inch heels and it is a challenge not to mention learning how to pose!  That is a whole other story!


I have been practicing and I need to practice A LOT MORE to get the confidence and movement I need to look good on stage and be remembered by the judges!  I only have a few moments to make a big impression so I have to get it right!

Today was check-in day with my coach – Measurements, comments, pictures and posing videos sent! 

When I compared my pictures from the start of my training program to today there is a noticeable difference no doubt about it!

Day 80 Collage Edited

My upper body was the first to develop now I can see my legs taking shape as well.  My abs are starting to come in.  My midsection has always been the hardest for me to define and I know this will be the last part to really show.  But so far I am pretty thrilled with my progress!  I am just shy of 11 weeks out to my competition deadline…I know I can make it!


I do have my struggles!  My willpower sometimes waviers and my sweet tooth can get the best of me so I have a bite of chocolate or make a supportive treat – “extras” I like to call them!  Which will take me over MY DAILY REQUIRMENTS for the day.  But hey I am human after all and not at all perfect!  I do however give it my best!  I have more good days than bad ones thank goodness.

Right now though I have a cold again!  Caught my son’s cold…the whole family has it right now actually!  So this week for my workout plan has been off.  I am working at about 75% to my plan right now and it is frustrating.  My throat is very scratchy and I have a bit of a cough.  So when that happens I have to rest!  So I have not done any cardio this week yet as it will just make me cough my head off.  I have done some strength training as I was feeling well on Monday and Wednesday.  I have to do my legs tomorrow.  I took a rest day today and will go to bed early tonight in hopes that I have had enough rest to do my workout.  I will make that call in the morning!

abs and arms

I LOVE my workout plan and when I am down from illness it sucks!  I do not like to miss the progress I could be making!

Now that the weather is getting much nicer some days REALLY nice I have also made it outdoors for my cardio!  LOVE IT!  I went for my first run of the season the other day.


It was absolutely gorgeous out so I took it outside for a 30 minute run with a couple of rounds of hills thrown in there as well.  It was invigorating!

I am loving my new 365 Lifestyle and it has become very natural for me!  I do however, still look forward to my Free Meal each week…it helps me stay sane! HA!

Not that what I eat on a daily basis does not taste good to me because it does and I love it all but not having to work in a meal to my meal plan is a nice change every week!


I cannot profess my LOVE enough for protein pancakes some days I could eat them for every meal!  REALLY!!

pancake goodness

Coffee has also become my daily LOVE…I need the energy to keep up with my life and it helps me get through the morning!  I make sure to only have my coffee in the first half of my day…none after lunch time!


In the afternoon I stick to tea…and lots of it!


I am not kidding my love for DavidsTea is cray..cray!  It helps with my evening cravings!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! and this girl does tea! YUM!

My favorite Flavour right now Forever Nuts!  HOLY YUM!



Seriously if you have never tried DavidsTea try this one first!  So darn good!

I am also making sure to get my 4 liters of water in per day!  I have a new system and it is working out very well!


A 4 litre jug that I put a few marks on it to help me guzzle it all down during the day!  Great visual for me!

A favorite crunchy snack that I have been enjoying so very much is green beans done in the Actifry…OMG love this appliance!


The greatest thing evah!


and so are these beans!  So delicious!

I just have to I am obsessed with avocados right now!


My healthy fat of choice!  I have one serving at least once a day!  Mmmmm….yum! 

Of course my #1 love is still!


oh and this too…


a MUST on my morning protein pancakes! Gosh…so much talk about food!

A few days ago I got some Team Blessed Bodies gear in the mail! 

tbb loot

My robe for my competition and a very large cooler bag to haul my clean eats around!  LOVE it!  Being a part of the team has been such an inspiration and way more than I could have every imagined it being! I am so grateful to have found my coach and the team!  LOVE them all too pieces!

Not only do I have the excitement of my competition in June but I am also going on a Team trip to Las Vegas to attend the WBFF Worlds and cheer on my team!  It is going to be a AWESOME trip and getting to meet everyone on the team will be wonderful!  There are some great things planned and I can’t wait to take part in it all!

wbff tix

The trip will also be a celebration for me and the hubby since this June it is our 10th Wedding Anniversary so we are going to celebrate in style!

We will be staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in the Wraparound Terrace Suite! BAH!


I cannot wait for this trip! My very sweet Mother in-law agreed to take the boys for us…I cannot thank her enough!

So I think this post has gone on pretty long and I need to get me some rest…so I will leave it at that for now.

I am going to try and post some progress reports monthly for now if I don’t get to sooner!

For now….

Stay strong


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Stephanie Carbonneau April 5, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Not just doing good, you are doing “Phab”ulous! So in awe and inspired by your dedication and transformation!

Sheri April 6, 2013 at 10:45 am

Thanks Stephanie! 🙂

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