Eat Clean Train Dirty

by Sheri on August 1, 2012

My morning started off with an early morning workout. I wore my new tank top for inspiration.


Love it!


This morning’s workout was TSS Phase II Workout B

I don’t know what it is about this workout but it always kills me. The darn DB Thursters KILL ME every time! I really want to to 15 reps but I can always only manage 12 reps. I am going to get there before this Phase is over I promise!


After this workout I was done. I had a good long stretch!


and a HUGE drink of water!


Before I got the boys up I sucked down my post workout shake.


Right now I am using P90X Recovery Formula. The hubby ordered a BUNCH of it and I have been told that I need to help him use it up before I can order anymore of the Prograde workout! Whatever! It does not taste bad actually it is Orange flavoured and kinda of tastes like an Orange Creamsicle. I still like the Prograde better.


Green Smoothie!


1 cup cold coffee
1 cup of Frozen Berry Mix
1 small banana
2 scoops of Prograde Protein Chocolate
2 BIG handfuls of spinach


Yum! The coffee was a chocolate flavoured and it tasted great!


After breakfast I cleaned up and caught some of the Olympic highlights on TV.


Like the mens 8`s Rowing Team wining the SILVER MEDAL! Yayyyyy!


Love seeing Canada on the podium!


Before I had a shower I downed a quick snack. Zaxari was having a nap so time was of the essence!


1 egg and 1 egg white cooked in the microwave in a ramekin. I topped it with fresh salsa. Yummy!


Was leftovers from last nights supper.


1 cup of 5-grain salad topped with 4 oz of grilled chicken and I also threw in some cut up celery. I also had a Kombucha Third Eye Chia to drink.


The 5-grain salad is so good. I still have a little bit more that I will finish up eating tomorrow.

After lunch the boys and I headed out to Jaxin`s physio appointment. First I had to stop and get some caffeine to keep me going. I was a little tired after lunch today. I usually feel pretty good all day after a strength workout in the morning but I have not been getting to bed very early these days and I think it is effecting me.


I got an iced non-fat unsweetened cafe latte. So good!

Jaxin worked hard as always at his appointment.


Most of it with a smile on his face!


He was pooped afterwards and both kids crashed hard on the way home.


Tonight was quick, easy and tasty!


We made stuffed portabella mushrooms with onions, red peppers and spinach topped with bruschetta and goat cheese. Love them they are so good. We also had some scallops all done on the bbq.


One of my favourite meals.

Tomorrow they are calling for cold and rainy weather. Good thing I don`t have to go anywhere if I don`t want to. I do have to get my cardio session in sometime.


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