Eggs & Avocado

by Sheri on September 29, 2012

So I took my chance and slept in till 7:15am.  Jaxin had no school so the opportunity presented itself and I took it.  I was going to get up at my usual time and do my workout early but I thought sleep would be better.  Since Jaxin had no school I knew that I could do my workout later if I wanted to.


One of my favourite breakfast items is EGGS love them.  Right now I am also loving this combo!


Two runny eggs on sprouted grain toast with 1/4 of an avocado spread on the toast.  YUM!


I also added a fresh slice of tomato under the egg.  Side of orange as well.

This breakfast never gets old for me!

Once Zaxari went down for his morning nap I did my workout.



I just love doing September WOM!  I challenges me and the best part is I am done in like 15 minutes flat!  I can always fit in 15 minutes for a workout…so no excuses!  Lifting 20lbs for the T-Ups is becoming easier for me to do…still challenging for sure!  But I can lift the weight better now for all 4 rounds..STRONG!

After my workout I gulped down a post workout shake and took a shower.


A BIG nutritious salad.


Salmon/Kale/Spinach/fresh figs/tomatoes/zucchini/sweet potato/pinenuts/
olive oil/lemon/balsamic vinegar

I massaged the kale with a small drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.  I love doing this it makes the salad taste great.

The fresh figs I picked up at the farmers market were so good in this salad.  Great salad combo and very filing!

After lunch the boys and I went out to get Jaxin’s glasses adjusted.  Both pairs were bent way out of shape!  While we were in the mall I grabbed a coffee for myself and I got Jaxin a little treat too for the drive home.

Boys snack

My boy loves popcorn so I got him a little grab bag of Superkid.  I put a little in the one cup holder of his carseat…works perfect!  Zaxari sipped on some water.


My snack along with my coffee was two mini Pumpkin Protein muffins topped with a scoop of almond butter and a few dark chocolate covered cacao nibs sprinkled on top.


So yummy!  Great little portable snack.

It was another absolutely beautiful day in our city.  It is almost hard to believe that it is Fall.  The temp went up to 26 degrees and felt like summer all day!  Even the evening was lovely and warm!


Pizza Night!


We had a couple of the pizza’s that I bought at the Farmers Market from Tim’s Gourmet Pizza.  Homemade with a multigrain crust and very good.  We had Spolumbo Sausage and Teriyaki Chicken.


I started with two of each.  I went back for 2 more.  Yum!


Sorry about the horrible picture but I was hungry and started to eat my pizza when I remembered I had not taken a pic yet….so this is what ya get! HA!

I also tried a new red wine tonight.


I am in love with Michael David wines right now so I wanted to try this Zinfandel.  It was amazzzzing!  Big red and juicy flavours which I love!

It went very well with my spicy Spolumbo Sausage Pizza.

Last night I relaxed on the couch with the hubby and we caught up on a few of our PVR’d shows.  Up All Night and Revenge.  Since Revenge has not been on for awhile they did a recap of the first season to get everyone up to speed on what was going on.  They called it the First Chapter.  The Second Chapter starts on Sunday and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next…I am totally sucked in!

So now to start another weekend which I am sure is going to be busy.


Laundry (Ugh!)
Meal Planning
Workout Planning
Vacuum Living room
Steam Mop Kitchen Floors
Paperwork (Jaxin’s overflowing basket of school papers need to be looked at)
Prescription receipts need to be submitted
Ikea – pick up a new dresser for Jaxin’s room (his old one is falling apart!)

Mmmm…that should keep me pretty busy!


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