Energizer Night Race

by Sheri on August 19, 2012


On Saturday night I ran 5K in the dark along the Glenmore River.  It was so fun and really cool and REALLY hot!  It was a sweaty but fun run!


It was almost dusk when we got there.  I snapped this shot of the river and sunset.

I ran with my good friend Josi…she is my running buddy!  Everyone needs a running buddy they are the best!


I strapped on my headlamp (they are monitory for the race) so running in the pitch black is easier!  I ran the 5K and Josi ran the 10K she is an animal!


Getting ready..pretty blue compression socks.


So is mascara!  Need to look pretty when you sweat!  Gotta love her! Smile


Me..head band and headlamp..CHECK!  We wore our head bands under the lamps to keep the lamps from sliding down…Good plan by Josi!  Because there is NO WAY that headlamp would have stayed on my forehead once I started running and sweating!


Ready to go…but wait what do our headbands say…..


We love our Bondibands!





It was pretty cool at the starting line.  Everyone wearing their headlamps and lighting it up!


Then it was time!  I was ready it had been a month since I ran last!  I was hoping that I was going to do ok running and battling the heat!

me starting

Running actually was not too bad.  It was HOT and I was very sweaty but the course was flat thank goodness so it made it a bit easier that way.  I did take the water at the 2.5 KM mark which helped.  Lots of people poured cups over their heads as well.

When I came to the last 1KM I kicked it up a notch and moved my butt.  As I was starting to come down the shoot they were yelling at me that the 10K pacer bike was behind me with the 10K winner! and to not let him pass me so I sprinted to the finish!  It was EPIC!  But fun!  The 10K winners time was 36:04!!!  Holy Crap that is fast!

I PR’d actually my time was 27:51….my best time to date! 

Race Results

I placed 7th in my age category too!  Smile  Man…I can’t believe it!  So happy!

After I finished my race I had to wait for Josi so I downed two bottles of water and sat and ate my race munchies.

race munchies

They gave out  banana’s, pretzels, fibre one bars and little boxes of Werther’s Sugar Free Caramel candies.  It was pretty yummy.  Still have the box of candies.  I had already ate the banana when I took the photo.

Once Josi finished her race and got her snacks and stuff we made our way back to the car in the pitch black..(thank goodness for those headlamps) and got home.  We had babysitters waiting for us!

This race was a lot of fun and I know it will be one I will want to do again next year for sure!  With my running buddy of course!

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Dani @ Fitness Food And Style August 22, 2012 at 6:58 pm

This is where I was supposed to post my other comment babe, sorry 🙁 glad you had a good time xxDani

Sheri August 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm

No problem! 🙂

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