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by Sheri on September 12, 2012

Oh gosh was I tired this morning.  I got to bed way too late last night!  Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done!  So I did not get to bed at my deadline of 10:30pm….it was more like 11:30pm!!  ACK!

So my energy today was not where it usually is and that sucked because I felt like I was dragging my butt all day! 

But I did not let myself have any excuses not to get my workout in.  I woke up at 5:30am and got it done.  The hubby joined me again.


Today we did September WOB.  I thought I was tough and could do the workout with 20lb weights but nope I had to go down to 15lb after the first round.  It was a tough one and those skier swings at the end man do you have to give it your all!  Loved it!  I still had muscle awareness from WOA from Monday still…ouch!  But after I warmed up I was good!

After my workout I was more than ready for a cold post workout shake and a cool shower.  Even though I was chilly when I woke up! 


This morning I tried something new.  I got the recipe from a blog I just found called Powercakes and have been reading when I get time.  This morning I made her recipe for a Banana Omelet except I cooked the batter like little pancakes on my griddle.


The batter was pretty runny but if you leave them and DON’T TOUCH them they turn out pretty darn good!  Plus using my griddle I could control the heat because they need to cook low and slow.


I made 4 pancakes and topped them with a frosting of PB2 and another recipe I found on Powercakes called Strawberry Chia Jam.


This breakfast was very yummy and filling!


Of course I had my morning cup of coffee too!

Once I had Jaxin off to school for the morning Zaxari and I did a little shopping.  It is the hubby’s Birthday today and I wanted to get a special treat to celebrate!


I picked up some cupcakes.


It was hard to choose but I did…more on that later Smile

I also stopped at Community Natural Health Foods and picked up a few snacks.


These date balls are so good! 


Perfect Mid-Morning snack.

I also got something for my lunch, Kombucha tea and some Kefir.


For lunch I used this wheatberry salad I got from the health food store as part of my salad.


Bed of spinach, wheatberry salad and leftover coconut chicken.


All the flavours went really well together and it tasted great! 


I also had a side of raspberries


and a Gingerberry Kombucha tea.


This was a new flavour I tried…I really liked it.

Today as part of the challenge I am doing on Club FYM, Holly posted about Perfectionism. 

The question posed do you think you are a perfectionist? 

I can say NOPE!  Especially since having kids I have learned to go with the flow that is for sure!  I like to be organized and have things neat and tidy…I always say I can’t live in chaos!  But a perfectionist I am not.  I would drive myself crazy and be way too stressed if everything had to be perfect.  I know when I was a working woman and not a stay at home Mom, I always did my very best with my work and career but I did not obsess over it.  I met deadlines and was confident in my abilities to do a good job and that was good enough for me.


An example that I am not perfect…this basket of clean tea towels and dish cloths sat on my kitchen table for the last 2 days until I finally managed to fold them and put them away only about an hour ago!  Same goes for laundry in the dryer, toys on the living room floor and our filing…oh boy don’t get me started on that!  But I have learned that some things have to wait while other things are more important like my boys and their wants and needs.

And something else that was important today…

It was the hubby’s BIRTHDAY!!  So we celebrated with his favourite meal.



Taco salad…YES that is his favourite meal next to Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.


HIS………and……..hers! HA!


I topped my salad with taco beef, tomatoes, a little bit of cheddar, lots o’salsa and greek yogurt, makes a great sour cream substitute!

Then it was time for cupcakes!


From left to right….

14 Karat (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting)
Strawberry Lemonade (vanilla cupcake strawberry/Lemonade frosting)
Black Velvet (Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting)
Caramel Bliss (chocolate cake with caramel frosting and drizzle of caramel)
Fall Spice (flavour of the month – Spiced cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle)
Marble Twist (marble cake with chocolate frosting and a little dollop of cream cheese frosting)

We shared 3 cupcakes…Jaxin had some too.  We tried the Black Velvet, Caramel Bliss and Fall Spice.  All were delicious!  The hubby said they could have been a little more dense and moist but still good!  Jaxin approved as well.

I still have three left…bah!  My Mom is going to come by tomorrow afternoon for a little visit and have a cupcake and a coffee! Smile

So what did the hubby get for his Birthday this year…..


A BOW!  Meet his new obsession!  Him and his buddies all bought one and now their thing is to go and shoot arrows.  The hubby does have plans to go hunting next year with his as one of his friends hunts so he has plans to go with him…we will see.

So with that I need to get to bed…not staying up late tonight!


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