Feelin` Bad Ass!

by Sheri on September 19, 2012

That is how I felt this morning while doing my workout.  I love September WOA…when I conquer those T-Ups I feel fantastic!


(please ignore my messy basement!) Pushing 20lbs baby!  By round 4 it took all my strength and pushing my limits to LIFT the dumbbell…but I did it.


Resting my body and not doing my intervals yesterday was the right move for me because even though I still have a bit of a cold my strength was there for me this morning!  I pushed through all 4 rounds of the workout strong!  I felt great afterwards but shaky!  Felt really good after an icy cold post workout shake and a shower.


Busy morning = GREEN SMOOTHIE


Almond Milk
Small frozen Banana
Frozen mixed berries
2 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder
2 Big handfuls of spinach



I was ahead of the game this morning and managed to walk Jaxin to school without having to rush for a change.  No last minute problems this morning.

While Jaxin was in school Zaxari and I took a little drive to the health food store.  I needed a few supplies.


local organic eggs
Almond Milk
Prune Juice (for Zax)
Coffee Creamer
Kombucha Tea
3 cans of beans (Black, Pinto & Cannellini)
Local grape tomatoes
Barley Tabouli Salad

IMG_3637They did not have the normal Coconut Coffee Creamer I buy so I thought I would give this one a try. 

I also picked up one of my favourite snacks while I was there.

nut balls

I had two for my morning snack with my coffee.  These balls are so darn good they almost feel sinful!  But are totally healthy and good for you! Smile  I might have to try and recreate them here at home.

I made it back in time to put Zaxari in the Chariot and walk to pick Jaxin up from school.  It was another beautiful day here and I just wanted to be outside.  Plus Zaxari loves going for walks.


Another Monster Salad.

Romaine Lettuce
Broccoli Slaw
chicken burger cut up
This salad creation was darn good!  Filled me up nicely.

My afternoon was spent dealing with a little cranky Zaxari who did not want to nap and going through the MOUNTAIN of papers Jaxin has brought home from school almost everyday since school started!


Was a quick one tonight.  I had another BIG salad for sake of time.


This salad was so tasty! 

In my bowl was:

Spinach chopped up
2 hard boiled eggs chopped
roasted beets
Barley Tabouli Salad I picked up from the health food store
hot sauce

Sounds like an odd combination of things…but it worked!

IMG_3643Great flavours and I enjoyed every bite.

After supper I left the hubby with the cranky boy (aka Zaxari) and headed off to my massage appointment.

IMG_3646I SOOOOO look forward to these appointments once a month.  They are complete BLISS.  I have the BEST massage therapist and he knows how to get my knots out and massage my tried and achy muscles.  I always feel like a big gooey mess when I leave and so relaxed.

MASSAGE = Quality ME Time!!

When I got home I found my hubby was busy working on getting our new gadget to work!


and work it does! It is pretty darn awesome actually.  This is a Wireless Home Music System called Sonos that is controlled by our whole home audio system (we have speakers in our ceiling in every room).  My husband tied this into what we already have in our house so I can listen to all our music and also internet radio whenever I want. 

I control it from my tablet computer or my laptop. 

IMG_3648It is like my own little jukebox…so cool!  I have been playing with while I have been typing this post and so far…I like it! Smile  My music possibilities are endless with this thing!!


Tomorrow Jaxin has no school because of the first round of parent-teacher interviews happening on both Thursday and Friday.  So I have both kids all day for the rest of the week…not sure if that is good or bad yet! HA!  Tomorrow evening I go to meet with Jaxin`s teacher for our conference.  I can`t wait to really sit down and talk with her about Jaxin and see what she has to say.

It is cardio day tomorrow.  I might sleep in and do my intervals when Zaxari goes down for his morning nap.  Since we do not have to be anywhere in the morning tomorrow I think I will have a laid back morning.  In the afternoon after lunch I might venture out with the kids.  I need to pick up some cabinet locks as Zaxari has now decided it is fun to ransack my cupboards on a daily basis!  Ughhh!

On Friday I might take the kids to the Zoo in the morning…it is supposed to be another beautiful day here and I would like to spend it outside if possible.

Well time to take a nice hot bath and shut things off.



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