Fighting it off

by Sheri on September 14, 2012


So Jaxin has been at school for only 2 weeks and he already has his first cold of the season!  I kept him home today because he is not feeling well at all and is cran-ky!  I have been downing Emergen-C like it is my new favourite drink!

I am really hoping that Zaxari does not get sick…but I really think that is just a dream!  We will see so far he is fine.  I have been busy most of the day trying to deal with a cranky and clingy little boy and making sure he is eating and drinking not to mention I think we have gone through a whole box of Kleenx!  His nose is running like a faucet!  Man I hate this time of year!

Right now I am sipping green tea with lemon…

So last night I was feeling tired and just wanted to relax and watch a little TV with the hubby.  We watched the finale of America’s got talent.  I was really hoping the comedian was going to win because I thought he was so funny…but the dogs got it!  They are good too…but I would rather see a comedian in Vegas than a dog act personally.


I slept in…I NEEDED it!  I got up at 6:45am and then got the boys up.  Then we had breakfast.


I had a bowl of Oatless Oatmeal…so good topped with PB2 sauce and fresh strawberries.

It was perfect because it fuelled me nicely for the sprint walk to Jaxin’s school.  I was running a bit late because sometimes kids can do things at the last minute that are unexpected and I was determined I was going to walk because the weather was so nice.  So I had to high tail it all the way to his school.  Lets just say I was breathing hard and sweaty when I got there.  I had to peal off layers as I walked home…very hot!  But now I know I can make it there in less than 5 minutes if I want to! HA!  The school is only a 1km from my house.

Good thing I did not take a shower before I left since I got a bit stinky from being in a HUGE hurray…I also stuck a hat on my head…which I don’t really like to do since I think I look funny in hats! 



Mehhh…it worked.

When I got back I put Zax down for a nap and hopped into the shower.  That felt great!

Then before I knew it is was time to walk back to get Jaxin but this time it was more relaxed and enjoyable!


A big bowl of greens and chicken.


Bed of spinach, red pepper, 1/2 a chopped apple and leftover coconut chicken.


I made a little dressing from olive oil, raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper.  The flavours of this salad where so good.

In the afternoon my Mom came by for a visit.  We talked had a tea and shared a cupcake.  Jaxin and Zaxari love it when she comes by.  Jaxin because she brings treats and Zaxari because she loves to make him laugh by making funny faces and tickling him.  So cute!

I also got a package while she was here.  I ordered a few dresses and a few other items for Las Vegas.  We have a couple of fancy dinners to go to while we are there so I needed something to wear.  So I had some fun and modeled them for my Mom to see what she thought.

(The pictures were taken later by the husband.)

I purchased these cloths from a website called Venus.  I got an email from them one day and thought maybe they would have what I was looking for and they did.  Best thing is the cost was pretty darn reasonable.

First up, I purchased this purple dress.  I loved the color and the ruching is so flattering.  My Mom really liked this one.


God my legs look so white!  I really like this dress to.  Plus it is super comfortable!

The black one was my husbands pick.  To tell you the truth I was not sure about this dress because online it looked pretty skimpy!  Plus I do not look at ALL like the model!

black dress

But actually I think I might be able to pull it off.


It is a tad short for my liking but I am sure I can make it work for one evening…and make the hubby happy!  He really liked this one.   My Mom said with my figure I can totally pull it off…thanks Mom! Smile

I also purchased this cute tunic.  I wanted something that still looked nice but was comfortable and casual.


This top is so comfortable!  I plan to wear it with the black leggings I have on with it.  The picture does not really do the top justice…it looks much better in person.  It is a winter white and has little sliver sequins along the sides.

I also got a really nice sweater coat to wear down there since we are going in November and it can be cool. I did not model this but here is a picture of it from the website.

sweater coat

I love it and it looks great on!  I decided on this sweater because I really like the look and I already have the black pants, shirt and boots in my wardrobe.  Comfy but stylish!

My Mom left around 5:00pm.  I knew what I was making for supper and it was super easy!


Quick Tuna Salad

1 can of tuna
1 cup chopped Artichoke Hearts
2 tablespoon of capers
1  15 oz can of Bean Medley
1/3 cup Red Onion diced
Juice of 1/2 a lemon

I mixed everything in a big bowl.


Seasoned it with a little salt and pepper.  I did not use a dressing or any extra oil since the artichoke hearts were marinated in olive oil so I just used their juice to dress the salad it was enough. 


I put about one generous cup on  top of chopped up fresh spinach.  It was a great light supper and only took minutes to whip up.

The rest of the evening was spent putting the kids to bed and then hanging out on the couch with the hubby for a bit before bed. 

Will be back later with my oh so exciting day I had today…..


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