Free Meal: Feb 12, 2013

by Sheri on February 13, 2013

So it has been 4 weeks of NO cheats and eating 100% clean!  I finally got the go ahead from my coach to enjoy one FREE MEAL per week!


That was so exciting for me!  I was ecstatic!  I do like eating clean and really I have not been dying of hunger or anything.  But I must say my metabolism has been revving high some days and I have felt pretty hungry and loaded myself up on lots of Water and Veggies to compensate!  But a girl can only do so much of that!

So once I heard I could have a Free Meal…(insert a big YAYYYYY!!)  I was very happy!  There are of course some foods that I would love to indulge in every now and then and I do still get cravings for certain things as well! So it is nice that I will be able to satisfy those cravings one per week for right now.

So this week I chose my Tuesday as my free meal day!  It worked out perfectly because I was meeting a friend for supper and this way I could have whatever I had a hankering for off the menu! 

We went to Milestone’s one of my favourite restaurants even though it is a chain they really do make great food!

So what did I have…..

Well we shared the most delicious appetizer!



It was so OMG…good!  Really!  I savored every bite!  It was cheesy and garlicky and just plain yummy!  The saltiness of the olive tapenade went so well with the dish.  I would definitely get this again.

For my main course I had a big salad…yes I said SALAD!




But this salad is really so very…very…good!  It has all my favourite things!  Goat cheese, strawberries and spicy-glazed pecans!  Yum!  I added the grilled salmon to the top.  Ordering fish from a restaurant is always iffy if it will turn out right and not over done or too dry.  But they grill their salmon perfect every time!  Love it!

We shared a bottle of San Pellegrino Sparkling water to sip while eating.  I had a wedge of lime in mine.

After supper I had a decaf cappuccino that was the perfect way to end the meal.  I forgot to take a picture of it!

I did have dessert….at home.  The day before I purchased my oh so favourite Brownie from Planet Organic Health Food Market and had that.  It is dense and very chocolaty so good!  Just they way I like my brownies.

So that was my free meal!  I enjoyed every single bite and I did not overstuff myself or over indulge.  I ate EXACTLY what I wanted and it was great!

Oh and also I cannot be let loose in a mall! The restaurant is at the mall so before I met my friend I did a little “window” shopping….

AE Purchase

Ummmm…yeah!  Oooops!  I bought my very first pair of white jeans ever!  I cannot wait to wear them!  COME ON SPRING!

A little motivation for today:

More fun

I am pretty serious and it is pretty fun!  Well…most days! Winking smile


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