Goals for 2015

by Sheri on January 2, 2015

Ok it is goal setting time! This year I want to put my goals out there in front of me and make sure that I follow through.  They keep me accountable, motivated and most of all I am happy when I accomplish them!  My goals this year are both fitness and lifestyle related.

With that here are my goals for 2015.

Get my NPAA Pro Card

Ok, I am starting off big here! But Dream BIG right! I competed as a figure competitor last November for the first time and did very well.  Placing 1st Place in the Novice division and then went on to the Open division and placed 2nd! So for November 2015 my ambition is my Pro Card! This is my sheer motivation this year!

Sheri Wright_NPAA

Build more muscle and strength

This is always an ongoing goal of mine.  Especially in my lower body!  I am going to work extra hard to build strength, build and shape my legs and glutes during my off season this year.  I am also going to include with this one Pull Ups.  By spring I would like to achieve 10 unassisted pull ups!  It is a great test of strength and I would love to get there.  Right now I can manage 3-5 depending on the day.


Does not everyone want to achieve this one!?!  Well this year is the year to sure give it my best shot.  Starting with cleaning out my closets and getting rid of anything we no longer need like cloths, shoes and well anything else that has been collecting dust for far too long.  Like ummmm…..I don’t know pretty much everything in our basement! Uggg! This is a big project and well will probably take the whole year to do!

Read a book a month

Staring with this one!

How to Talk So Kids

I thought it was a good one to start with! HA!  Heard it was a good read so I will start with this one.  I always enjoyed reading very much but over the last year or so I have totally got away from it and I want to change that.  I am going to take a least 30 minutes to just wind down and read before going to sleep.  Or when I can any other time during the day if I have down time.

Connect with my friends more


I feel like being busy with life has got in the way of some of my friendships and I really want to make and take the time to nurture the friends I have in my life and make a point to connect with them more.

Date nights once a month

This to me is really important.  Being a parent to two young children my husband and I need at least one night a month to ourselves to just go out and have a nice meal, see a movie or just talk without all the noise and craziness that two boys bring to our household.  We do really try to do this now but sometimes it just does not happen.

ISSA Personal Trainer Certification


YUP! I am doing this one for sure buy the end of 2015 I will be certified!  I may also do the Sport Nutritionist as well.  I have a passion for fitness and I would love to help other people transform their bodies.

Incorporate Yoga into my schedule

Keep Calm and Do Yoga

I NEED to stretch and I have been told by my massage therapist that Yin Yoga would be the best for me.  It is done in a warm room and poses are held from 3-5 mins each and it focuses on the hips and spine.  Perfect!  I have managed to take two classes so far and loved it.  So I want to make this a regular thing in my weekly schedule.  I would like to go once a week but it might be every other week we will see.  But I do want to do this.  Stretching is something that I am lacking in and plus it helps me big time with preventing injuries which is so important especially at my age.

What are some of your goals for 2015?


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Karen Kneeland October 18, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Hey u!!

You are always looking great! I am looking for a protein drink that does not have whey in it. Can you recommend any? Thx Sheri!!

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