Hello Winter

by Sheri on October 3, 2012


Yes, this is the scene I woke up to this morning!  Winter decided it would be nice to pay us a visit on October 3rd!  We have been so spoiled with the very warm and lovely Fall that I think Mother Nature just had to say something about it!

It was still plus 3 but felt like minus 3!  Brrrrrr…..I did still walk Jaxin to school.  Just bundled the kids up and put them in the Chariot all nice and tucked in with blankets and the cover so they were nice and toasty warm.  I was a little cold but warmed up nicely during the walk there.  I WALKED FAST!

I slept in this morning instead of getting up early to do my strength workout.  I think it had to do with the cold and wintery morning we were having!  But I knew that I could do it while Jaxin was at school since I had no plans to go anywhere.


It was an egg morning today.


To runny eggs on sprouted grain toast with avocado.  Love it!  I also had the last two figs.

Once I got back from taking Jaxin to school I put Zaxari down for a nap and did my workout.



I am rocking this workout now!  Max reps on all moves with VERY STRONG T-ups!  I dominate those suckers now with the 20lbs weights! Boooyah!


My arms are looking pretty good too! Smile

When I finished my workout I was a little pressed for time and I totally forgot about my Post Workout Drink! DUH!  Did not realize that until much later today!

Walked back to pick up Jaxin this time it was still cold but not snowing out.  So my walk was much more pleasant just chilly!

When I got back the first thing I did was brew myself a hot cup of tea!



I also had a HOT lunch.  A steaming bowl of 3-Bean Soup from the freezer.  I only have one left…will have to make some more.


See…steaming!  I could not get a picture of it without the steam fogging up my camera lens! Ha!


I also shared the last of the mango with Jaxin…it needed to be eaten up!

The afternoon weather was much nicer…still cold but the sun was starting to peek out through the clouds here and there.  So we went out to run a few errands.  I needed to exchange some jeans I bought, stop at the Health Food Store and pick up a parcel.

I am stocked up once again!


My beloved Coconut Creamer.


The evening was actually pretty nice…again still a little cool but the sun was out so we started up the BBQ.

Roasted Veggies


Brussel sprouts/Butternut Squash/Zucchini

We also put a couple of Chicken Sausages on the grill that I had picked up from the Farmers Market last week.

While supper was cooking I whipped up a healthy dessert for us.


It was a breeze to do and I had all of the ingredients already in my pantry!  This recipe is from the latest issue of Oxygen Magazine.


All the ingredients go into one bowl and you whisk it together does not get much easier than that!


Divide the batter into little ramekins in a water bath and bake for 30 minutes.  While those were baking we had supper.


Big pile of roasted veggies and my chicken sausage drizzled with mustard.  Yum!


The roasted veggies turned out so good on the BBQ.  I love our BBQ!

Then later it was time for dessert…


I put a little whip cream on top to make it look pretty for the picture Winking smile


The end result…I thought it tasted so good!  It has a little orange zest in it and I really liked the orangey flavour of it.  I think it will taste really good cold as well…almost like pudding I think.  Will try that tomorrow since there is 4 more left in the fridge. No whip next time.


Tomorrow is Farmers Market day.  I will go after I drop Jaxin off at school.  I love going and getting my produce for the week and eggs too.  I plan to wake up early and get my cardio done first thing as the rest of my day will be busy.  The hubby and I have a dentist appointment in the later part of the day.  He goes first then I come with the kids and he hops in my car and goes home with them and then I take his car home later after my appointment.  I love going to the denist!  My teeth feel awesome after a good cleaning!

I am going to do a crockpot supper of Pulled Beef so when the hubby gets home it should be ready to go.

Right now I need to go and do some serious foam rolling of my legs…they are tight!


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