I have gone Californian

by Sheri on August 31, 2012

So I thought I would share some of my favourite wines.  Anyone that knows me KNOWS how much I love red wine.  Over the last little while I have complied a few favourites and low and behold they are all from California!


Wine is one of my weekly indulgences. I typically enjoy a glass on Friday night and Saturday night. It is all about balance with my healthy and fit lifestyle! Besides red wine is HEALTHY right! Smile

A vacation I would like to take one day would be to tour through Sonoma and Napa Valley in California!  It would be heaven for me!


I just have to convince the hubby…he is not much of a wine lover.  Maybe if I tell him we can rent a fancy sports car with a convertible top maybe he would be into it??

Now some of my favs…


I stocked up my wine rack today and I noticed everything that I picked came from California!  At one time I was not really a fan of the California reds…but I am now!

I will start with this one.


I have always liked Cabernet’s and this one is Mmmm…mmmm…good!  I have bought the Murphy-Goode Cab several times now.  I like it so much now I always like to replace it once it is gone.  It is big and bold and tastes great with a burger or a fancy steak!  Yum!


 7 Deadly Zins – There is a lot of hype around this wine…some of it good and some of it not so good.  But really it all comes down to personal taste and I really like it!  This a Michael & David Winery wine and I actually like a few of their wines.  It is a Zinfandel with Petite Sirah and Petite Verdot blended in and is so yummy!  What I like about this wine is it is full-bodied with berry and spicy pepper notes…my kind of wine!  Tastes great with Friday night pizza!


Apothic Red – I actually bought this wine on a whim one day and low behold I loved it.  Maybe it is the blend of the Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot that I like so much!  Whatever…it is a great bottle for the price which is under 20 bucks depending on where you buy it.   Also another full-bodied red…love my bold reds!


Le Crema Pinot Noir – I know from rich and bold reds to a much lighter red but this is probably the only Pinot that I have really liked!  I think it is probably the red cherry, spice and dark chocolate notes that I LOVE about this wine.  Super yummy for a Pinot in my books.


Petite Petit – This is another Michael & David wine.  Ok, so this one is actually new to me but because I like some of their wines so much I picked this one up today.  It sounds delish and I cannot wait to crack it open and try a swig!  Listen to me I sound like a sailor for pete sake!  This is a dense and full-bodied wine with vanilla notes which sounds darn good to me!

Ok so the last fav on my list is this one and it is not from California actually but Italy!  Another place I MUST visit one day along with PARIS! 


Layer Cake Primitivo – a.k.a Zinfandel and boy is it good!  I buy this not one bottle but two bottles at a time…love it! This wine is warm and rich with a creamy texture..seriously…YUM! It is jammy and spicy which I love.  When I first tasted this wine I was surprised by how good it tasted and now it is my top favourite.

So there you have it a little look into what I stock on my wine rack.  So exciting..I know! Ha!  But wine is one of my passions not just tasting it but drinking it…love it! 

I promise I will get back to the healthy eating and my sweaty workouts tomorrow….but I will leave you with this….



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