It’s Potty time

by Sheri on July 12, 2010


The time has come in our house to introduce J to the potty.  This morning J and I made a little trip to the store and got a few supplies to start the adventure.  A package of “big boy” pants (aka pulls ups), a little seat for the toilet and a timer.  We are just going to start putting him on a little at a time and the timer will help with that.  Today he sat ok but there was no potty dance…we will get there eventually!  Patience is a virtue! 😉

Before our trip to the store I had another breakfast of VOO this morning..YUM!


I had it along with a steaming cup of joe.

IMG_0476 This breakfast will be making A LOT of appearances on the blog this summer.  I just love it!


After rushing around in the store and then heading home it got pretty warm.  I needed a little more power this morning so I made a pit stop at Starbux for an iced latte.

P1050162 I never finished my whole cup of coffee this morning since I was trying to get J to eat his breakfast so it got cold and I dumped the rest out.  So this gave me what I was missing and then some!

Lunch this afternoon was quick and simple.

IMG_0483 A nuked organic sweet potato smeared with a Laughing Cow Cheese wedge and topped with baked beans and a side of steamed fresh broccoli!  Delish!

IMG_0482 Creamy, sweet and filling. 

IMG_0481 Some sparkling water

IMG_0484 and some juicy and cold watermelon for “dessert”.

While J took his nap in the afternoon I got the itch to bake…so I did.  Some yummy High Fibre Double Chocolate muffins actually.

IMG_0488 I had to make a few adjustments because the batter seemed a little to soupy to be muffin batter.  But they turned out pretty darn good.  I did cut down on the sugar a little as well.  Since my applesauce was sweetened.

IMG_0487 I did not have enough chocolate chips so I also added peanut butter chips to make up for it. 

IMG_0494 The end result was moist and a little gooey from the melted chocolate chips.  But I was a little disappointed that the peanut butter chips did not melt as well..not sure why?? 🙁

IMG_0492 They were so good that I ended up eating two!!  Bah…I paid for that one.  My tummy was pretty darn full with all the fibre these babies pack.

So I prepped supper for the hubs and J and then I went to an early Body Pump class since there was no way I was going to be hungry for supper at 6 o’clock!

When I got home from Body Pump I was hungry for supper.  I had a great workout and upped my weight a little this time for my squats.  Oooooo..I felt the burn!

Supper tonight was tacos!

P1050168 I fixed two for myself on sprouted grain corn tortillas.  I topped the ground bison with avocado, romaine lettuce, and salsa.  I cooked onion and tomato into the meat with a few random spices (ancho chilli powder, granulated garlic, cumin, oregano, sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes).  It was spicy but very yummy!

Now I am going to go and soak in a hot bath and rest my muscles!


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