Late supper and a morning run

by Sheri on August 22, 2009

Supper last night was consumed late!  When I got home from work I was still stuffed from my pizza lunch.  I did not take any pictures of my lunch reason being is I really do not want my co-workers to know about my blog.  I try and keep my private life and work life separate. But I did eat 3 pieces of pizza which I think was just 1 piece too much…and boy did I pay for it!

So instead of having supper at the usual time I just fed my son his meal and then I walked to my pedicure appointment.  I stopped at Starbucks on my way there and purchased a Unsweetened Passion Tea Lemonade…it was pretty hot walking!


When I finished my pedicure I walked over the the grocery store and got a few things plus I picked up a bottle of shiraz as well!


It is called Copper Moon this wine is made in Kelowna, B.C. it is a less expensive wine but it was actually really good and I would consider purchasing it again! I sipped this while making supper.

We ate at about 8pm and it was nothing fancy but was sooo yummy!


We had bbq’d bison smokies.  I had mine with sauerkraut, mustard and a little hot sauce.  I also cut up some raw veggies to have along with it.  Very good!

The rest of the evening was spent watching a DVD with my hubby.  We had bought I LOVE YOU MAN last weekend at Costco so we finally got a chance to watch it together.  It was pretty funny and I enjoyed it. 

The weather this morning was PERFECT for a run.  So after I gave J some breakfast and had a piece of toast with almond butter and banana I loaded him into his chariot and we were off!  My husband also joined us on his bike and snapped a few pics.



I ran about 4.75 miles with a little walk break as well because when I was coming back there is a pretty steep incline and pushing J makes it harder so I walked some of it.  I also stopped at the store to grab a G2 Fruit Punch to hydrate!  It was a great workout and having my husband along was a nice distraction and made the time go by faster. 

When we got back my hubby gave J a snack and put him down for his morning nap while I made us some REAL breakfast…I was hangry!!

I decide it would be nice to try this little recipe I saw in the new issue of body + soul magazine.


It sounded delish…and it was!


The ingredients where, sautéed kale with lemon, crushed garlic, salt and pepper on a piece of toast with ricotta cheesed smeared on it and topped with a lovely runny egg! YUM!

I also had some of the sweet and juicy honeydew melon I have.


This hit the spot!  I cleaned up the kitchen and then hit the shower because well I stunk! lol

This afternoon I have more of my to-do list to try and tackle and decide what to have for lunch..I am getting hungry already! 

Well sounds like J is getting up…better go get him!

Have a great afternoon!

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Madison August 22, 2009 at 1:13 pm

I think it is smart of you to not tell your co-workers about your blog. Keeping work and private life is important for me too! My family knows I have a blog–my friends know–but none of them know the blog address. It makes me happy to have such an awesome community of friends separate from family and friends. You know?

p.s. Just found your blog and I <3 it!

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