My Clean Eats: Feb 4, 2013

by Sheri on February 4, 2013


My February has started off busy!  It is going to be a short busy month for me that will probably fly by!  

I am a little behind in my journaling but I will move forward!

I am still sticking 100% to the plan. Workout and clean eating CHECK!

Today was another day where I was feeling a little more hungrier than usual.  Not as bad as last Wednesday but still pretty hungry.  So extra veggies were consumed today.

Todays eats:

Today's Meals


Meal 1 @ 5am – Up and at it early for my workout! Pre-workout fuel was a protein smoothie, pre-workout energizer and my BCAA’s.  Liquid power!

Meal 2 @ 7:45am – Protein Pancakes (cottage cheese, oats, banana, cinnamon and topped with coconut butter and SF syrup.  By far my FAVOURITE breakfast…SO-DARN-GOOD!

Meal 2 @ 10:45am – Sprouted Grain English Muffin with Almond Butter and All Fruit Jam and baby carrots on the side.  Was out with Zaxari while Jaxin was at school so I ate this at the mall. 

Meal 3 @ 2:00pm – Tuna mixed with what I had left of an avocado in the fridge it was less than an ounce so I also added 1 tbsp of Lite Mayo.  I put a little Spicy Mrs. Dash in there along with diced celery.  I put it on top of two brown rice cakes and had grape tomatoes and cucumber on the side.  I ate this in the car while Jaxin was in a speech session and Zaxari was napping in his car seat! HA! 

Meal 4 @ 5:00pm – By supper time I was starving!  I made more Turkey Muffins so that is what the family had for supper.  I had two with a side of sautéed Broccoli, mushrooms and onions.  Lots of yellow mustard on my Turkey Muffins…YUM!


Love making these…they are so easy to grab and go if need be!

Meal 6 @ 8:00pm (not pictured) – I plan to have this tonight here pretty quick actually…as I am hungry once again!  Cottage cheese with 1/2 an apple and a few walnuts.  I heat the apple up in the microwave with the cinnamon and then add it to the cottage cheese with the walnuts on top.  So good!  Gah…getting hungrier just thinking about it!


Jug-a-lug the water!

When I am hungry I DOWN way more water in day!  At least 4 litres today.

I also had two cups of coffee today one at home with breakfast and one at the mall.  I was feeling a wee bit tired today.  Monday’s are always very busy days for me so I start to drag my butt and need the pick me up!

Herbal tea was also consumed…a little Birthday cake after supper.  I am sipping it as I type this post!


Up at 5am workout out by 5:30am.  Warmed up and then did Chest and triceps.  Had a good workout this morning but had to do some of my push ups from my knees since the first set of chest exercises FRY’s my arms!  My arms are always shaking like mad after this workout!  Must be doing something right then! HA!

Tomorrow’s workout is cardio…hitting the treadmill first thing in the morning!  NO EXCUSES!  I have another busy day and that will be the only time to fit it in!



My goal tonight is to be in bed by 9:30pm!  I have to make it a priority to get to bed earlier!  Even though I have said this before I-am-not-doing-it!  I cannot keep it up!  Getting only roughly 6 hours a sleep a night is not enough to keep me going and also power me through my workouts effectively!

NEW GOAL = Bedtime is @ 9:30pm!! Period!! from now on.

Today’s Motivation:

pee on it

It made me giggle when I read it today.

Love this one….

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
~ Steve Jobs




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