My Favourite Proteins

by Sheri on February 21, 2013

Since I have been on my new training and meal plan for over a month now I thought I would share a few of my favourite clean eats with you!  I have some that I really like and use consistently.  It makes my meal planning much easier now that I know what I like and I just fit it in.  In the beginning meal planning took me awhile to do but now it is pretty much a breeze!

So I thought I would start with my favourite proteins!

Protein Pancakes:

Of course if you have been following me you know that I LOVE protein pancakes!!  These days I eat A LOT of them!  I look forward to breakfast every morning!


Right now with my current meal plan the ingredients are manly egg whites, oats, banana and cinnamon.  I then top them with either Peanut Butter or Coconut Butter and Sugar Free Syrup.  Yum!  Coconut Butter on pancakes is like frosting…I kid you NOT! 

This is also one of favourite protein pancake recipes that I will have on the weekend or from time to time when I can fit it into my meal plan.


So good!

Egg Whites:


What goes into the protein pancakes….egg whites and I use LOTS of them!  They are my best friend!  I usually go through about 3 cartons per week.  It is a low cal protein and it fills me up nicely!  I also love to make egg white omelets with them too.  Throw a little veggies in the middle and a small sprinkle of light cheese and yum!  This is an item I get from Costco in bulk!

Whole Eggs:


I also like to have whole eggs as well!  I will usually boil about half a dozen for the week and use them as a grab and go snack!  Super easy and super yummy when paired with some fruit, veggies and a few nuts!

I like to make a snack box with them!

snack box

When I am running around with the boys and running errands I never have an excuse to not eat healthy!

Protein powder:


Go BIG or go home!!  4.5lbs of protein. Recently I had to change the protein powder I have been using since shipping went up to astronomical heights!  I found this one and LOVE it!  I just mix it with water for my pre-workout shake and it is so chocolaty and so creamy!  Delicious!  I have also baked with it and it works great!  Plus it is Canadian made!

Chocolate Protein Muffins:


These muffins are very my opinion and there is nothing unhealthy about them!  I do however make these as a CLEAN treat because they are hard to leave alone if ya know what I mean. 

I got the recipe from my coach.  You can find the recipe on the Fitness Print Blog.

Ground Turkey:


Ground turkey has become my staple and my go to protein most days!


I like to cook it up in a pan with some spices and then have it with pasta, sautéed veggies or in lettuce wraps!

I also love to make these Turkey Muffins


So darn delicious and easy to take on the go!  I love to top them with a good amount of yellow mustard!




Oh gosh how I LOVE salmon!  My favourite way to have it is broiled in the oven with just a little sea salt and pepper and then put on top of a big salad!  YUM!



I have always LOVED shrimp but now with my new training plan I have really grown to love it a lot! 


It is so easy to whip up a meal in no time with just some sautéed shrimp and veggies.  I also like to have it with either brown rice or quinoa.  Delish!



I have always liked tuna but would only maybe have it once a week or so.  I found this brand at Costco and it is so darn good!  I hope that they continue to carry it!  So I generally have 1 can of tuna once a week now.

My favourite way to have it is mixed with avocado and celery and then put it on top of brown rice cakes. 

But I also really like it mixed with quinoa.  I got this recipe from the Fitness Print Blog.  Lots of great recipes on there!



This salad is so tasty and filling!  Perfect for lunch!

So those are a few of my top protein choices that I work into my meal planning on a weekly basis.

Next up will be my favourite Starchy Carbs!  Mmmmm…carbs…everyone’s favourite! But these are the good starchy carbs!


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