My Workout Buddy

by Sheri on September 7, 2012

Like every morning as part of my new routine I get up extra early to get my workout in.  But what is it that drags my butt out of bed…dedication, motivation….yes but something else does too…

My WORKOUT buddy!


Holly of course!  I have been doing her WOM’s and DVD’s for so long now it is almost like she is right there with me every morning I LOVE it! 


TSS fade

Today was my last day of the Trouble Spot Solution.  I was really happy that I made it through the full 12 weeks of the program without ever missing one strength workout complete with finishers!  I loved doing this program so much that 12 weeks just seem to whiz by!  I think I may just do this program once a year because I really do like it that much.  Holly put together a great program and I really did get some great body shaping results from it!  I will have to post a picture soon.

Today I increased the weight to 35lbs for the One Leg Deadlift.  That made my legs shake!  Loved the challenge…but my balance started to waver a little doing the last set as my legs got fatigued!

But it was a good, sweaty workout that woke me right up!


I may look a little sleepy but after a cool shower I was good to go!


Still working on that six pack.  Next up for my workouts will be September WOM Complexes!  Cannot wait to start…I had a look at the How To Video’s the other day and it looks like a challenge I am up for! Smile

After my workout I made my post workout shake extra icy and extra cold and jumped into the shower, got ready and got the boys up.


Leftover Crockpot Oats. 


I heated up a serving with Almond Milk in the microwave then topped it with walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon…still totally delicious!

It was such a beautiful and SUNNY morning I walked Jaxin to school.  His school is only a 1KM from our house so on really nice days I will walk him over.  Got my NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) in for the day!


My gosh it was a lovely day…and we are in for another one tomorrow too! Wheeee!


After I dropped Jaxin off at school Zaxari and I took the long way home.  He loves going for walks and so do I on days like today!  It was awesome!


We strolled right on over to my neighborhood Starbucks I had a free Starbucks drink card to cash in!  One of my Treats for the weekend!


I got a Venti Salted Caramel Mocha – 1/2 sweet with non-fat milk.  This was the first time I have tried this one.  I usually get a Pumpkin Spice Latte because well I LOVE pumpkin but I also love caramel…boy was it good!  I enjoyed it for a little bit outside while sitting on their outdoor patio.


Zaxari sat and made faces at Mommy while I enjoyed my fancy coffee.


This kid kills me on a daily basis! Love him to bits!

We took our time walking back home and then I put Zax down for a nap for about an hour till I had to go back and pick up Jaxin from school.  While he slept I cleaned up from the morning and did a few other things and then before I knew it was time to go.  I got Zax up grabbed a bottle for him and we were off.

Only this time with suncreen, hat and in shorts as it got really warm in just 2 hours…24 degrees warm!

While we waiting for Jaxin, Zaxari drank his bottle one-handed his new thing to do now.  Such a big boy!


I had my snack.  As I was leaving my stomach started to growl and I realized that I never had a snack while I was at home.  My oats did their job for quite awhile!  So I grabbed my last Nogii bar while heading out the door.


These bars and so darn good!  Gluten Free and no funky stuff in them at all with 20 grams of Protein per bar..not to shabby!


They look as good as they taste which usually with protein bars is not the case!

Before long I spotted my little man at the door…looking for Mommy!


I loaded him into the Chariot and we started off home. 


It was pretty warm and I downed almost my whole water bottle strolling these two!



Today I was feeling like a sandwich.


I also had some leftover sautéed veggies from the other night that I forgot about as my side dish!


My sandwich was a grilled (without butter) Spicy hummus, cheese and pickle concoction and it tasted fabulous!  Sounds like something a pregnant women would eat!  BTW…NOT Pregnant…just thought I would get that out of the way.  I have two boys we are good! 


This lunch hit the spot.  Had a huge glass of water with it.

Today I tried something new with Zaxari for lunch. 


He has some texture issues and tends to gage on chunky foods.  But he has to move on to the next stage sometime so I am slowly easing him in.  These are the little Pasta Pick-Me-Ups from Gerber Graduate Foods.  They are very soft and actually taste pretty good.  I like that they had no ingredients in them that I could not pronounce.

So this it the reaction I got….inspecting…..


Open wide!


Mmmmm….not sure about his stuff??


But he warmed up to them and actually ate the whole bowl plus some fruit!  So we are getting there. 


He is also now starting to drink from a straw pretty good so we are growing up folks!  My plan bottles are done when he turns 12 months!  Lets hope that works out!


Tonight we packed up the family and headed out for supper.  It was such a lovely evening that we thought we would go and check out an event they were holding at the Farmer’s Market.

12 food trucks will join the market and our 78 vendors in an evening celebration of great local food and entertainment. There will be a food truck alley, all the market vendors will be open late, and there will be lots of live local entertainment.

It sounded great and the weather was perfect for it.  But when we got there it was a MAD HOUSE!  I had a feeling it would be but the space for it all was not that big and SO crowed that it was hard to move with the kids in the stroller so we decided to leave and went to one of our favourite restaurants instead.


This restaurant has been in Calgary for YEARS and we have always had a great meal when we go there.


It is a very large restaurant but the service is always good and the food is always tasty!


The hubby loves their garlic pan bread…I did have a small piece with my meal of course!  Who can resist garlic, herbs and butter on hot soft doughy rolls! 

I did not go HOG Wild and order something calorie laden.  I decided I would really like a cool salad on this summery evening.


I had their Chicken Buddha Salad

Mixed greens with grilled chicken in a honey
Dijon dressing. Topped with strawberries,
black and red quinoa, cucumber, pear, apple,
dried apricot and cranberries, Goat cheese
and spiced pecans.

I had the dressing on the side.  This salad was so darn good!  Loved everything about it.  SO summery!

I did however, expend my calories elsewhere…..


YUP…I had a glass of wine!  Had to…just one to start the weekend!  That is all I will be having this weekend too!  It was good…YUM!

The hubby had a few calories too besides his pan bread!


a very LARGE bowl of Pasta – SEAFOOD GEMELLI –

Bay scallops, shrimp, Spolumbo
sausage, roasted Cremini and
Button mushrooms, simmered in
a creamy lobster and crab cheese
sauce with sun-dried tomatoes,
tossed with gemelli pasta.
Garnished with Asiago cheese
and fresh parsley.

I tried two bites and I must say it was pretty darn good…but if I had something like that I would be bloated and slugglish!  Not good for my belly…too heavy!  The hubby said he was so FULL on the way home…geeze I wonder why??

Jaxin enjoyed some chicken fingers and fries.


Zaxari had an apple, broccoli, peas and brown rice pouch I brought from home.  It is so convenient and he loves them!


He finished it in a flash!


another goofy face…what a kid! Smile

It was a lovely evening out with my little family!

Mmmm…now it is 11:30pm and I need to get to bed!  I have been up since 5:15am and my eyes are starting to get blurry and I don’t think I can look at a computer screen much longer.

Another beautiful sunny day is in store for tomorrow and I am hoping I will be able to get out and enjoy it since before I know it winter will be here!

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