Protein Cheesecake

by Sheri on December 13, 2014

So I have discovered a healthier way to have my beloved cheesecake!  It is nothing new and the recipe for it has been floating around Instagram for a while now….but I finally made myself some and well!  It is DA BOMB!


If you use the hashtag #procheesecake you will find a gaggle of photos of everyone’s creations.  A lot of them look mouth watering and so tasty!

So you can make your own the recipe!

Protein Cheesecake


2 – 8oz (250g) containers fat free cream cheese

12oz – 0% Greek yogurt

2 scoops whey of your choice (I have used Cellucor S’mores and MTS Caramel Sutra)


2 full eggs

2 egg whites

2 tsp of Vanilla

Sweetener of choice (I used 1/2 cup of Baking Stevia in the Raw)

Make sure ALL ingredients are room temp so they mix well.  This is Key!  If not you will end up with a lumpy mess!


You want the batter smooth and creamy!

Pour into a deep dish pie plate and bake 30 min at 250F and then another 20 -23 mins at 300F.   This is what I found works best for me.  If you over bake it it will be dry!  A dry cheesecake is no!


Let cool fully to room temperature before cutting and store in the refrigerator.

I cut the pie into 8 pieces.  Then top with whatever your heart may desire!  I like nut butters, whip cream, coconut butter, sugar free syrups…etc! 


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