Protein Smoothie Popsicles!

by Sheri on August 1, 2012

I finally made this recipe it took me long enough.  You would think a recipe as easy as this I would have whipped it up long ago!  I have had a new popsicle mould just waiting to be used!

This recipe comes from The Eat Clean Diet Family and Kids book which you can preview here

These popsicles have you thinking you are indulging but you are not!  How great is that!




First off it has just a few ingredients all of which I can pronounce which I like!  Plus you can also get so creative and tweak the recipe to what you like!  Like with the sweetener if you do not have agave on hand you could use stevia, honey or even maple syrup or even skip the sweetener all together if you do not like your treats really sweet. 


For my first try at this I stuck to the recipe.  For the frozen berries I chose strawberries.




Holy YUM!  They are creamy, fruity and delicious! You must try them!  Seriously!

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