Raw Meal

by Sheri on September 9, 2012

So how did I do with my To-Do list…well lets see!

~ Sleep in!
~ Go for a run
~ Meal plan for the week
~ Update Workout Calendar
~ Review Sept WOM – Complexes Workout
~ Laundry – YUCK!
~ Wash walls – again YUCK! but there are little Zax hand prints everywhere!

Yup I managed to knock everything off my list…that almost never happens!

SLEEP in Check! – I slept till a glorious 9am this morning and it felt great!  I slowly got myself out of bed and got myself dressed for my run.  But first I had some breakfast.


This morning I had a bagel.


A sprouted grain bagel with almond butter and topped with banana.  YUM!


Pre-Run fuel of coffee!

After I let my breakfast settle a little in my tummy I took off for my run.


I did 5KM in about 30 minutes.  My neighbourhood is hilly!  Give me flat ground and I can finish 5KM in under 30 minutes….


When I got back I stretched, chugged a ton of water and took a shower.


I had a big old salad topped with some leftover Turkey meatballs from the night before.


I used some Sabra Spicy Hummus thinned out with water for my “dressing”


My favourite hummus by far…it is so creamy!


I also had a bottle of Cranberry Kombucha.


It was a hearty lunch!

The rest of the afternoon was spend trying to cross things off my list.  Laundry being one of them.  I don’t particularly like doing it but it has to be done.  I still have to do the boys laundry tomorrow!


Also did my meal planning, Workout calendar and reviewed September WOM for tomorrow morning. OH! and I washed all the little handprints and other stuff off my walls.  I felt productive!

I also fooled around with the boys a little….you can have a lot of fun with an empty laundry basket!





It was actually a little bit of a workout for me pushing them on the floor and sprinting back and forth!  When I finally stopped Jaxin got mad because he wanted more…but Mommy was out of breath!

Too Fun! It was Daddy’s idea of course!


Spinach Berry Booster


Bright green and totally yummy!



Tonight the hubby suggested sushi for supper and well I thought why not since I was not really into cooking.  We were going to bbq but it was raining so that was a bust!

WARNING:  if you don’t like raw fish skip this part or look away! HA!


I had miso soup and some tuna/salmon sashimi.  Surprisingly very filling!  Must be all that protein.  I also brewed myself a cup of green tea.


Some of the hubby’s sushi.  He likes the chewy texture of octopus, squid and surf clam!  Ummmm..not for me!  Too chewy! 

So now it is almost 10pm and I need to get myself to bed.

Night all!

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