Road Trip

by Sheri on September 13, 2009

Today I met my book club in Canmore.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  It was beautiful, clear and the sun was shining!

P1030013 This was my view as I drove.  Beautiful! Not a cloud in the sky!

But lets start at the beginning of my day since this is my first only post today!

Last night I laid out my running cloths so it made it easier for me to get out the door and get in my run.

P1020987I actually woke up before my alarm and got out of bed and got ready with no problem.  I was ready!

I had a small piece of of a banana before I hit the road.  When I got outside it was a beautiful sunny morning and nice and cool…perfect for running!

According to my Garmin “Miles” I did 2.04 miles in just under 20 minutes.  Not bad for me.

P1020990 I was nice and sweaty but pleasantly flushed when I was done.

Sweaty but happy I got straight to work and made myself a green monster to drink while taking a shower and getting ready.

Green Monster This was my usual mix of 1 scoop Amazing Meal, 1 cup Almond Breeze, 2 handfuls of spinach, flax seed and ice but I also threw in about a 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries.  It was yummy!

I hit the road at 10 am to be in Canmore for 11:30.  It takes about a hour to drive there.

But before I could leave I had to have my morning coffee. 

Starbucks Love A little Starbucks love of a Skinny Caramel Latte!

I met the girls and we decided upon The Wood for lunch.  It has a huge outside patio to sit and eat and since the weather was beyond phenomenal it was the perfect place!  Also we discovered that the restaurant we originally wanted to eat at was not open for lunch! 🙁

This is the view from the patio when we sat down..

P1030015 The mountains today were just beautiful and so picturesque!  Lovely!  I really love living this close to something this beautiful!

This restaurant has a great list of sandwiches on their menu and there was a few I wanted to try.  I was going to have the grilled veggie sandwich but I was told that it was served cold and that did not sound appetizing to me.  So i decided on their Salmon burger instead.

Salmon Burger Flame grilled BC Salmon, Dijon tartar

I had it with a green salad.

P1030017 This burger was so delicious!  The salmon was moist and not over grilled.  The veggies were vibrant, crisp and fresh.  The only thing I wish I would have done was asked for the Dijon tarter on the side.  It was globed on pretty good.  I had to scrape a little off.  Other than that it was a great lunch.

After and during lunch there was much talking and catching up since I had not see my friends all summer.  We did also manage to talk about our book and decide on a new one.  We actually chose two, I am Huderitte and The Book of Negroes.  These will be great books to read while I am travelling in October and November.  We will meet again at the end of November.

A few of us stayed in Canmore and walked around a bit and window shopped.  It was just such a nice day we needed to enjoy it and stroll around a little.

Before I left Canmore I got a little snack for the drive home.  I stopped at Sobey’s and got some watermelon chunks and a Cliff Bar.  I was parked in the parking lot so it was convenient.

P1030019 The watermelon was so good.  Nice and cool and refreshing!  I gobbled it up right away.  I only ate about 1/2 of the Cliff Bar..I just nibbled at it while I was driving.

I got home at about 4:30pm.  I discovered that my hubby took it upon himself to finish the laundry.  That was a big help.  I just needed to fold it all since he does not fold.  Some of it was a little wrinkled but oh well.

For supper tonight I really wanted some grilled veggies.  So since I had some Portobello mushrooms in the fridge I decided a Portobello mushroom burger sounded good.  Keeping up with the sandwich theme today.  I also grilled some red pepper and a zucchini.  For my hubby I also but a beef burger on the grill.

P1030025 This sandwich was so good and satisfied my craving!  I had a Portobello mushroom with Hot Pepper Jack cheese melted on top.  Also on my sandwich was zucchini, red pepper, spinach and Sundried Tomato pesto!  This combo was so yummy!

Since it was my hubby’s Birthday yesterday and we did not have cake I picked up a small cheesecake from the grocery store on my way home to celebrate.

P1030026 This is their Chocolate Toffee Pecan flavour!  It is the bomb!! The bakery at my local grocery store makes the best cheesecakes.  They are made fresh in-store and are just so good.  I only get them every once in awhile.

I had a small piece.

P1030029 I have to admit it was gone in minutes!

While I am typing this post a I have a batch on Tina’s Oatmeal Raisin Bars in the oven.  I love eating these during the week.

Well I have a bit of ironing to do before bedtime…better get at it!

Night all!

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Hassan September 12, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Ever thought of using mayo on your bread? One of my fdniers told me that her grandmother spreads mayo on the bread before grilling it so it gives it a more rich flavor. Just a thought. I’ve never tried it so i don’t know how it tastes, but my friend swore she’s never had better tasting grilled cheese than her grandma’s but of course it could be her being a bit bias.

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