Sexy Salad

by Sheri on September 21, 2012


This morning I slept in…cardio day.  I got up around 7:15am as the boys were starting to make their usual morning noises.  Jaxin yelling MOM!! and Zaxari talking to himself over the baby monitor…so cute!


I kept it easy again this morning with a Green Smoothie.  But my berry of choice today was blueberries.


2 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder

It is a monster of a glass…and keeps me full for hours.


Once Zaxari went down for his morning nap my time was ticking!  I got my act together and did my workout!


INTERVALS = Pyramid Workout Video

Love this one!  It is killer and I love the burn! HA!

I had my morning snack when I was done.


Two hardboiled eggs and some sweet potato wedges. 

Once I was done I hopped into the shower and got myself presentable for the day.  Zaxari woke up just as I was almost ready…he was patient and waited for Mommy to finish making herself beautiful!


SEXY Salad….I am all about the salads for lunch these days.  I am having fun coming up with some great combos like this one.


In my bowl was:

red pepper
roasted beets
grape tomatoes
pine nuts
lemon juice
balsamic vinegar
nutritional yeast

Since kale can be pretty tough and raw I massaged it first with a little bit of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.  Which I think made this salad taste unbelievable!  I think some of the other ingredients made it taste great too but massaging the kale is key!  Makes the salad way more enjoyable and palatable!

I forgot how good kale can taste in a salad…this combo will be a keeper for me!

After lunch the boys and hit mall.  I need to get some cupboard LOCKS!

cupboard locks

Zaxari has discovered how fun it is to ransack my cupboards on a daily basis!


But not anymore….

My afternoon snack on the run…a very crushed LUNA bar from my purse.


It still tasted good!


Tonight it was quick and easy.  I had my first parent/teacher interview at Jaxin’s school.


Broiled salmon topped with peach mango salsa on a bed of steamed Kale and a side of roasted sweet potatoes. 

At 7pm I went to Jaxin’s school and met with his teacher.  She is so lovely to talk to and wants to make Jaxin’s first year at school a very good one.  I am glad that she really wants to work as a team and make sure that Jaxin’s year is successful!  Unfortunately we only had 15 minutes and it went by far too quickly to be able to discuss everything.  I do chat with her on a daily basis when I go to pick Jaxin up but this was an opportunity to REALLY talk to her and it was cut short.  Next time we are going to schedule a half hour instead.

While I was waiting to go in to see her I saw this…


Jaxin’s self portrait…I’m thinking he had a bit of help with this…but still so cute!  Made me smile!



I really need to work on this…I have not been drinking nearly enough water on a daily basis.  I think I got in just under 2 litres today…that is the other problem I need to take it better too!


Scheduled for tomorrow is a strength workout in the morning early!  Then the rest of the day I am going to play by ear.  I was thinking of taking the boys to the zoo but I really did not want to attempt that by myself…to hard to control Jaxin alone!  He needs a haircut so I think we will do that for sure.

Catch ya later!


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