Shoulder Progression

by Sheri on December 30, 2014

I was thinking back to when I first decided to start my journey to the competition stage it was almost 2 years ago…January 2013!  I got a coach and thus started the hard work and dedication to compete.

It has been quite the journey…..I was looking at some old pictures from that time and noticed how much my body has changed.  It is so great to take lots of pictures because you can look back and see how much progress you have made.

Like my shoulders!

Shoulder progression 

Shoulders are my favorite body part to train and I love how much I have managed to gain over the last 2 years.  With consistency, hard work and dedication I managed to build some pretty great looking shoulders! 

I have goals I want to achieve for 2015 in the gym.  On my list LEGS and GLUTES!  I so desperately want them to grow and catch up with my shoulders and arms!

Game Time

2015 is GAME TIME!!  Watch me dig deeper for my goals!


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