The day after

by Sheri on July 31, 2012

It is now one day after the challenge and well I am still going strong!


Today was a good day! The weather was beautiful and I got to spend a few hours this morning alone without the kiddos. My Mom came by to watch them for me while I went to the passport office to submit the paperwork for their passports that we will be needing when we go to Maui in October.


This morning I had a bowl of Oatless Oats….YUM! Love this stuff.


I topped it with fresh blueberries and PB2 sauce.

Around 10:30am my Mom came over to watch the boys. I was off to go downtown to the Passport office. I met up with the hubby and he came along.


When I was on the road I snacked on some Turkey Nugget Jerky and about a 1/2 cup of grapes.IMG_2099

When I got downtown I parked the car by the hubby’s office and then we made our way to the passport office. I was going to snap a pic but it is pretty intimidating when you walk up to the door and there is two security guards standing there. I should have told them to smile for the camera! HA! That might not have went over well. Thank goodness it did not take us too long and everything went well and we should have the kids passports in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

After we took care of that we went for lunch. It is not very often I get to lunch alone with the hubs. We decided to go for sushi!

We went to a place called Fugi Yama. I started with a big glass of water and some green tea.


We ordered a few pieces of sushi and a few rolls to share. The husband is almost a bottomless pit when it comes to sushi!


My first bites, Tuna, steamed shrimp and a California roll. So good!


After lunch I was pretty full and since it was such a beautiful afternoon I suggested we walk back to the hubby’s office instead of taking the train. So we did. We walked back down 8th Avenue.

There was lots going on since all the office people were out for lunch.


Food trucks and live music.



There was also a HUGE screen set up just outside Bankers Hall so everyone could catch some of the Olympic coverage on their lunch break.


Men’s Swimming was on when we were walking by.


When I got home I visited with my parents for a bit and when they left I did a few things.

There was a recipe that I wanted to try.


I found a recipe for some Eat Clean Cashew Chip Cookies. So I whipped them up!


I was anxious to see how they would turn out.


The end result…Mehhh! They are ok but not spectacular. I will eat them as they are healthy and a good snack full of protein about 9 grams. Since they have protein powder in them. I think I might be able to make them more suited to my taste buds…we will see.


CARDIO DAY = 30/30 intervals of Jump Rope & Burpees!






After my intervals I did a Core Circuit as well.

I did 3 rounds. I sure do feel my abs the next day after doing this circuit it is a killer. I think I was sweating more doing the circuit than when I was doing my intervals.


After all that I started supper. The hubby fired up the bbq for some chicken.


We bbq’d chicken breasts with Garlic Gold EVOO, Yard Bird and Sweet Heat. I made a quick 5 Grain Salad using this Grain Blend from Superstore.

I cooked up the grains as per the package directions that only takes 10 minutes and cooks them perfectly I might add. I drained and rinsed the grains under cold water and placed it in a bowl.

To the 5-grain blend I added – halved cherry tomatoes, bocconcini balls halved, chopped artichoke hearts, sliced greek olives, garlic olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.


HOLY YUM was it good! I am so happy to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I loved the chew the salad had from the barley…delicious!

Weekly Workouts:

~ Sunday: Off
~ Monday: TSS Phase II-A/Finisher
~ Tuesday: Interval Training (cardio)
~ Wednesday: TSS – Phase II-B/Finisher
~ Thursday: Interval Training
~ Friday: TSS – Phase II-A/Finisher
~ Saturday: Interval Training

Now it is 9:15pm and I want to get to bed at a decent time tonight for change…catch ya later!

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