To the park

by Sheri on August 9, 2012

Posting today about yesterday…

I started my day early with a strength workout. I got up at 5:45am had a coffee and pre-workout shake, did a little stretching and got started.


This is my last week of Phase II then it is on to Phase III.

Workout A

I finished strong with a great finisher! I focused on form – quality not quantity!


Post workout shake!


and vitamins.


A bowl of Bob’s 5-Grain Cereal.


1/3 of a cup made with a mix of Almond Milk and Coconut milk. I added a ripe fresh peach copped up to it and then topped it off with the rest along with a dollop of greek yogurt and a small sprinkle of Hemp Granola. So good! Oh I also added a scoop of vanilla protein powder.


My favourite coffee so far.


I am obsessed with my new coffee pot…love it!



While I got a few things done around the house I also snacked on the last of the cherries and a protein ball.


Tasty little snack.


Once Zax was down for his nap I jumped into the shower.


Was YUMMY…yummy leftovers of Chicken Meatloaf Muffins!


Topped with artichoke salsa which is now all gone. The hubby snarfed the rest of it down last night! Need to make more!


Small glass of Cranberry Kombucha tea.



After lunch it was time to go to Jaxin’s Physio appointment. Today we met his therapist at the park. It was a beautiful day!


LOTS of sunscreen and a big hat and he was good to go!


Practiced his climbing skills.


Hi Mom!


Zaxari and I went for a little stroll around the neighbourhood while Jaxin and Lynette worked hard at the park. Zaxari loves going for walks in the stroller!

An hour later after a little break in the shade and a snack. We piled into a nice cool air conditioned car and headed home. Both kids zonked out! I had a nice quiet drive home…love that time.



Not sure where my mind was but I totally forgot to take a picture of my meal!

But it looked a lot like this one!


Minus the strawberries and add some baked sweet potato wedges. After I cleaned up from supper I headed to the mall to spend a gift card my parents gave to me for my Birthday.


I got a really cute maxi dress for Hawaii which is being hemmed because they must make them for amazon women not shorties like myself. I also picked up a few new accessories from my favourite store American Eagle.


It was some great me time. I did not end up getting home until after 9pm.

Well I am writing this post while Zaxari is napping and my time is just about running out and I still need to get into a shower…


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