Valentine’s Day 2013: A Healthy Dinner

by Sheri on February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?  Ours was low key and spent at home.  We made a nice healthy meal to celebrate!  I still had a lovely meal that was delicious and on plan!

In the morning my hubby presented me with a very cute card to start the day!


I did not get flowers this year.  Instead my purchase from the mall on Tuesday was my V-Day gift!  Much better than flowers anyway since they just die off.

But my Mom did stop by and gave me a very cute little rose bush that I can plant in my garden come much warmer weather.


Hopefully I do not kill it!  I am not very good with plants!

When the hubby got home from work we started to prepare our meal!

On the menu:

BBQ’d Lobster Tails
Grilled Asparagus
Spring Green Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and spicy pecans


My weighed portion of Lobster with grilled asparagus.  I squeezed lots of fresh lemon on top of everything…YUM!


My salad was so darn good!  I spritzed some Balsamic Vinegar on top as my “dressing”.

Since I am not drinking any alcohol right now I enjoyed some sparkling water in a fancy glass!


Lime Perrier in a stemless Champagne glass with a wedge of lime.  So refreshing!

Our dessert was as healthy as can be too!


Looks decanted doesn’t it!  I just made the Chocolate Protein Cake batter as cupcakes!


I think I like them better as cupcakes!  Plus this time I was really careful when I cooked them and I got a moister texture! YUM!

I got to enjoy two of them after supper!

A great Valentine’s Day meal but HEALTHY and part of my PLAN!  Awesome!

I also got another little surprise on Valentine’s Day….my new workout plan from my coach!


I was so excited to open it and see what she had in store for me!  It is awesome and I cannot wait to start it on Monday!

Today’s Motivation:

every accomplishement starts with

I try everyday!

Have an awesome Friday folks!


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