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by Sheri on September 27, 2012

You might have noticed but last night I decided to relax and did not get on the computer and blog.  I just needed some down time.  I like to do that at least once a week sometimes two.  My days are pretty busy with the boys some more than others and by time the day is done I am done!

So I will try to cram two days of my workouts and meals into one post….


Got up early around 5:30am and got myself going with a cup of coffee before my workout.


I did September WOB.  It is killer!  Still only using 15lbs dumbbells for this one.  That weight is good for me right now. 

After I was done I grabbed a post workout drink and hit the shower.



I felt like having some eggs.  So I had two runny and drippy eggs on top of Sprouted Grain toast with spinach.


I tell ya this breakfast never gets old!  Love it!

I walked Jaxin to school.  It was another lovely morning.  It was however, cool enough to wear my wooly sweater and a scarf!


This day Fall was definitely in the air!  But by lunch time it was back to a t-shirt and flip flops to pick J up from school!


I decided to make another Cauliflower Crust pizza.  The first one was so good I had to have another one!


This time for my sauce I used sweet potato, tomato paste and some nutritional yeast.  My goodness it was good!


Toppings were: Broccoli/tomatoes/spinach/roasted beets/red pepper/parm cheese

In the afternoon Jaxin and I had a visitor from the school board.  She comes and has meetings with us every month to talk about Jaxin and how he is doing in school .  She goes and observes him at school to make sure that everything is going smoothly and it is.  She is such a nice lady and really easy to talk to!

After she left I made myself a little snack.


Deli ham wrapped around some Jicama!  Satisfies the salty and crispy craving! Great combo.


I made baked Turkey Meatballs but this time we did them on the BBQ.  I also changed up my seasonings and added Chipotle Powder for a little smoky flavour with a kick along with some of my husbands other BBQ seasonings.


The combination turned out great!


I did have my meatballs with pasta.  I found this new pasta at Costco and had to give it a try.


It is made with Quinoa, Amaranth and Brown Rice.  It did not turn out mushy like some gluten free pasta can do and tasted pretty good!


The pasta was good but the meatballs were awesome!  They had a little bit of a smoky taste from the BBQ and they were nice an moist! YUM!

After the boys were in bed and everything was cleaned up the hubby and I decided to have a little treat.  I went to Marble Slab by our house and picked up a little treat!


I had a small sized Birthday Cake with Oreo Cookie crumbs as my mixin!  So darn good!  We sat and watched The Voice while we ate our ice cream. It was a nice relaxing evening!


I actually got up early this morning and did my cardio instead of sleeping in which has been the trend lately when it comes to the days I do my cardio.  But today was a busy day and the morning was the only time I would be able to fit it in!


I decided on Jump Rope today.  I did 60/30 with the reverse lunge as my low.  Good workout got my heart pumping and me sweating!


I was running a little late this morning due to the fact that I was kind of dragging my butt.  So I made something really quick.  I had bananas that needed to be used up.


I had a sprouted grain bagel topped with peanut butter and banana sprinkled with some chia seeds.  Coffee and vitamins.


Once I had Jaxin off to school for the morning.  Zaxari and I made my weekly stop to the Farmers Market.

farmers market

I just picked up a few things:

Fresh figs
Organic Eggs


The figs looked so good I had to get them!


I think I will use them in a salad for tomorrow’s lunch along with the kale and avocado.


For lunch I had leftover Turkey Meatballs.


I heated them up and put them on top of a big pile of steamed spinach and some sautéed zucchini.  I also put a little cheese on top.


The meatballs tasted even better today and the flavour combination of this lunch was so good!  I loved every bite!


I had a little bowl of chopped up mango for my “dessert”.

Today the hubby came home at 1:30pm because I had a doctors appointment to get to.  When my appointment was finished it was after work rush hour in our city and it took me a while to get home.  Thank goodness it was a beautiful afternoon and I did not mind being stuck in traffic!

I opened the sunroof and cranked the tunes!


It was lovely!


Tonight since I got home late I just stopped at Subway and picked up sandwiches for us.


I had a 6 inch roasted Tuscan chicken with lots of veggies on Honey Oat bread. 



I did pretty good today!  I had two of these plus a couple of waters while I was on the go.  So I got about 3 litres in today.


Jaxin has no school tomorrow.  So it will be a bit of a down day.  The hubby has to take my car into the dealership in the morning for a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) there is a bit of clunk coming from the rear shocks so they are going to replace them.  So I will have his car tomorrow Sad smile bummer.  I love my wheels. 

So my plan is to do a few things around the house in the morning and then head out in the afternoon to get Jaxin’s glasses adjusted.  They get bent out a shape a lot from him and well from Zaxari pulling them off his face every once in while!  Both pairs need to be fixed up!

But first in the morning I have a strength workout to do!  So I better finish this up and get to bed!


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