Weekly Meal Plan

by Sheri on September 17, 2012

So last night everyone slept!  Thank goodness!!  Zaxari slept very good and I actually had to wake him up this morning.  Did not like having to do that when he is not feeling all that well but we had to take Jaxin to school.

Normally on Monday’s I get up extra early to get my workout in but I decided with my cold that sleep was needed more…so that is what I did.  I got up at 6:30am and then took a shower.

By time I was ready Jaxin was awake and then I got Zaxari up last.


This morning I whipped up myself usual green smoothie.  Need all the good green stuff I can get right now!


Plus it is easy to drink as I feed the boys!


He looks rough but he is still my little happy go lucky guy! Smile


Red nosed but still happy to take on the day with a smile!  But by the end of the day…he was pooped and tuckered out!

After breakfast I took Jaxin to school and Zaxari and I grabbed a few things at the grocery store before heading home.  I also stopped and got myself a coffee since I did not have one at breakfast.  Nothing fancy today just Timmy’s.

When we got back it was 10am so I put Zax down for nap…little man needs his sleep and I decided to do my workout.  I was feeling pretty good and my cold is just in my head not my chest so I went for it.



So I started out with 20lbs but then after the first round I went down to 15lbs.  With my cold my strength was lacking a little so I needed to do what I could. 15’s it was!


I also wore my weight gloves this time as last time the dumbbells started to hurt my hands towards the end.  The Skier Swings are what hurt the most!  The gloves worked awesome…I will be using them for these workouts from now on.  My hands sweat doing this workout as well which makes it harder to hold on to the weights.

I finished all 4 rounds of the workout pretty strong.  I was sweaty and done afterwards but not hurting at all.  Actually it gave me a nice boost of energy that I needed for the rest of the day.


When I was done I had time for a post workout shake then got myself freshened up, got Zax up and was out the door on foot to pick Jaxin up from school.

It was another LOVELY day here and I wanted to take advantage of it!


Got to school and got Jaxin and then headed home again.  We needed to have lunch and then be on our way again.  Jaxin has speech sessions on Monday afternoons.


The soup I had yesterday was so darn good I wanted some more.  So I grabbed one out of the freezer for lunch.


It was even better today!  The flavour was delicious!


I had it along with two Spelt thins spread with spicy hummus and topped with pickle.  I know weird right?  But so good!  I also had 1/2 an apple.


Lunch hit the spot!

While Jaxin was in his speech session I again took advantage of the beautiful weather and strapped Zaxari into the stroller and we took a walk around the neighbourhood of Jaxin’s school.  Zaxari LOVES going for walks and was so relaxed…he almost fell asleep.  We strolled for about 30 minutes till I had to be back to get Jaxin.

On the way home I had to stop to get gas and this is what I saw in the backseat…

Jaxin sleep

Cold + busy day = tried little boy!

When I got home both boys were asleep in their carseats.  I hated to have to wake them up Sad smile


Tonight I made something easy and simple for supper.

Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto


This was ready in about 20 minutes.  I had my portion with some brussel sprouts I had roasted on Sunday.  Yum!

On Sunday I actually sat down and did a meal plan for the week.


Sunday3 Bean Soup with Kale – Check!

Monday – Shrimp with Risotto – Check!

Tuesday – Chicken Burgers and homemade fries

WednesdayMaple Glazed Salmon on Greens

Thursday – Grilled Pork Tenderloin on the BBQ with veggies

Friday – Pizza Night!

Saturday – Clean up the leftovers/ Wing-it!

I also found the cutest picture of Jaxin on my camera when I went to take the photos off my card tonight.


The hubby took the picture…Jaxin is always laying on the floor in the kitchen!  Silly boy!


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