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by Sheri on December 12, 2012

The past couple of days have been a little busy for me.  On Monday I had the surgery done to my legs and of course did not post that day for obvious reasons.  Now that I have had my surgery my level activity has been restricted A LOT from what I am used to.  I am going from working out 5-6 days a week both strength and cardio to the only activity I am allowed to do is walking!

This is very hard for me but it will only be for 2 weeks then I can start to go back to my normal activity level again.  Until then I am going to make sure to get in some walking everyday as the doctor really wants me to do that.  I am also going to make sure that my eating is healthy and clean and I will save all my favorite indulgences for Christmas meals that will be coming up very shortly!

Right now I am bandage up pretty good.  I have one set of bandages that have to stay on my legs for the week.  I go back to the doctor on Monday and will be able to remove them then.  But I have to wear the compression stockings for another week after that!  A little uncomfortable but you do what you have to do to heal properly!


My lovely stockings!  These babies are tough to get on!  So glad that it is winter and I treat them as an extra layer of warmth! HA!

Yesterday I went to the doctor’s in the afternoon for my follow up appointment.  He checked my legs and everything went great and my legs look very good. 

As part of my after treatment I have to take blood thinner medication.  But you have to administer it via a needle.  Now I do not like needles to begin with but over the years I have become much better with receiving them.  But they wanted me to administer the needle MYSELF!  It has to be given in the abdomen.  They gave me my first shot on Monday and yesterday they were going to watch me give myself the shot.  Well nevertheless I could NOT do it!  So they gave it to me again.  They offered me to come into the office for the rest of the week so they could give me the shot but that is kind of a pain.  So I braved it and let the hubby give it to me this morning.  I was nervous but he did a very good job and it worked just fine!  So he will give me the shot daily until Friday which is when I need to take the medication till.  Not my favorite part of the day that is for sure!

When I left the office it was quite a warm afternoon so I took a walk since I did not get a chance to yet during the morning.  Plus the doctor had asked if I had done any walking yet during the day and when I told him not really he encouraged me to get moving!

There is a Starbucks across from the office so I HAD to pick up a warm drink for the road!


I got a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte 1/2 sweet.  YUM!

The office is downtown so I walked along 17th Avenue and checked out a few shops along the way.  I did pick up a few little items for Christmas stockings!


I had a lovely walk and the fresh air felt great!


I took my Garmin along to see how far I was walking. 

When I got home it was almost time to start supper.

Since it was a warm day we decided to grill our chicken sausages on the BBQ since they taste the best that way.


I also made some sweet potato wedges and sautéed some peppers and onions. 


I drizzled mustard over my sausage.  I love mustard on my sausage…so good!

Once the boys were in bed the hubby and I sat down to watch a few shows that we had PV’rd and relaxed a little.  A lovely way to end a busy day.

Today I am back to a normal routine.  Hubby went off to work this morning.  He has been home the last few days helping me out with the boys.  I took Jaxin to school. 

Speaking of Jaxin I need to go and pick him up here pretty soon!  So I will end this post and be back later!


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