by Sheri on July 15, 2013

This post is coming a bit late!  But better late than never right!

3 weeks ago I reached my goal and competed in my first ever Fitness Competition at the age of 41!  I started my training with my coach Fatima in January and competed in the IDFA Calgary Classic on June 22nd!

It was a long and sometimes tough road but I stuck with it and reached my GOAL!  The last week before the competition was really rough and stressful not just because of it being PREP week but also because of the flooding Calgary was going through that week!  Our city was in a State of Emergency and I was prepping for a fitness competition!

It got to the point that I was not very sure that it was actually going to happen at all which really stressed me out.  Sounds selfish with all that was going on in our city but DAMIT I worked hard and wanted to follow through with it.  But it all worked out in the end and I got my moments on stage.

I was both nervous and excited when the day finally arrived.  But in the end it was so fun!  The other competitors were so helpful and kind it made the day really easy and wonderful!

I had my husband and my Mom there to cheer me on and even though my coach is located in Vancouver she was so GREAT and available to me via text and phone all day!  Love her! Smile

I was in two classes the Novice and Grand Masters (40 and older).  So I was in the afternoon and evening show….it made for a very long day!  But so worth it!!

So here is picture of where I started and what I looked like after 6 months of HARD work!

Before and after:

Before and after

The after picture was my photo shoot the day after my competition.  I wanted to take some professional pictures to have after working so hard to be the best shape of my life!!

Here are a few pictures from competition day!


I wore my red suit for the Novice class which was the afternoon show.


All lined up…


I did enough Quarter Turns to count it as a workout!  Man did we sweat and shake!



My placing for the Novice class ended up being 8th.  Which I still think is pretty darn good for my first show and the fact that I was going up against girls half my age! Winking smile

After the afternoon show was over we got a bit of a break for about and hour or so.  I hung out with my Mom and hubby and ate my next meal!


Relaxing and texting with my coach!


For the evening show I wore my blue suit!  This was my husbands favourite suit.  I really LOVED both my suits!


The Grand Master class.  I was much more relaxed and calmer during this show.  I knew what to expect and that made it less stressful!  I enjoyed it way more the second time around!






In the Grand Masters I placed 5th!  I was so thrilled!


I never had any expectations that I would take home a medal from my first competition but I did!  It was just icing on the cake for me! Smile


The whole day was really a great experience and a whole lot of fun too!  So fun I plan to do it again in October and November! HA!  Call me crazy but I am hooked!


In reaching this goal I had all the wonderful support of my family as well as my AWESOME coach Fatima Leite Kusch and all the lovely and supportive ladies that are part of the Team Blessed Bodies family!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!


I truly DO feel Blessed!


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Overnight Protein Oats – “Proats”

by Sheri on July 12, 2013

Overnight Oats in a Jar

Lately I have been LOVING my Overnight Protein Oats as my mid-morning snack!  I have been playing round with them for a while now and I think I have finally perfected the recipe to my liking and thought I would share my love with the world!

Overnight Protein Oats

56g Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (or about 1/2 cup)
2/3 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 scoop (21g) Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder (or protein powder of choice)
5g of Chia Seeds (about 1/2 tbsp)
1/2 – 1 tsp of cinnamon (I like lots!)
Splash of Vanilla extract
1 Tbsp of cocoa powder (optional – I like to make it chocolately sometimes!)

Put all ingredients into a bowl (or sometimes a small jar) and mix very well.  Cover and set in the fridge overnight.  In the morning top it with some of your favorite toppings!

My favorite toppings are:

Natural Almond Butter
Natural Peanut Butter
1/2 banana cut up
Warmed apple and cinnamon
Blueberries, raspberries or cherries
sprinkle of homemade granola
Sugar Free Syrup

Overnight Oats
So SIMPLE and so good for you!  No excuses not to have a healthy breakfast or snack in my case!  Prep the night before it takes literally 5 MINUTES!! and you have a yummy summer breakfast!  Plus it is so portable since you eat it cold!



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