Intelligent Overall System for Open-pit Mines
Intelligent Truck Dispatching System for Open-pit Mines
Unattended System for Distribution Room
MES System

Overall Solution for Intelligent Open-pit Mine


With the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and the continuous advancement of supply-side structural reform, the society development has entered a new intelligent era. The traditional extensive development model is unsustainable, and the pressure of resource, economic and ecological security is increasing. In order to realize the transformation from a major mining power to a great mining power, and shape China's mining industry image in the new era, the mine construction in China must run down the innovative road. At present, intelligent technology has played an increasingly important role in various fields, and the intelligent mine operation has become an inevitable trend, and has become a technology hotspot and development direction in the global mining field. Therefore, under the current trend of intelligent mine construction, it is of great significance to use technologies such as network, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to realize quick and efficient dispatching, commanding, and decision-making, assisting the development of enterprise science and technology, and building a first-class green intelligent mine.


System Composition and Architecture

According to the production process of underground mining, it mainly involves establishing resource reserve model- preparing planning- production and mineral proportioning - large fixed facilities - transportation statistics - planning monitoring and other production management links. The construction of intelligent mines adopts cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, AI and 5G. Integrate intelligent technology and management to build a comprehensive new modern intelligent production management and control platform for underground mining.


Construction of intelligent management and control center

Data center

Adopting advanced design concepts combined with mature mainstream technologies, building the central computer room into an advanced data center, and building an open, shared, and collaborative intelligent manufacturing industry ecology is an important model and best practice for enterprise information construction. It is a necessary means for enterprise data information management and efficient utilization,which is also a core capability for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Intelligent Decision Center

It uses the data in the data center to analyze and process it through query and analysis tools, data mining tools, intelligent modeling tools, and finally presents the knowledge to managers to provide support for managers' decision-making process.

Intelligent operation center

As an intelligent operation center for enterprise strategy decomposition and implementation, its main functions are to realize collaborative operation among subordinate enterprises and with external stakeholders, as well as the unified balanced scheduling, collaborative sharing and optimal allocation of human, financial, material and other resources.

Intelligent production center

The intelligent production center is responsible for the automatic control and management of the whole mine production system and equipment. The system center equipment of the whole factory, such as wired and wireless communication, personnel positioning, closed-circuit monitoring and information are installed in the production center. Form a plant-wide control, display and monitoring center.

Intelligent maintenance center

The intelligent maintenance center conducts centralized and unified management and control of the company's maintenance and repair through the intelligent maintenance platform, integrates maintenance resources, deepens maintenance force, and escorts the stable operation of the company's production equipment.

3D Geological Modeling and Reserve Calculation

Starting from the basic data such as the drilling data or the mining layered plan, according to the production process sequence in the open-pit mine, carry out visual modeling management for the geology, survey, mining plan, blasting, production with digging, shoveling and loading and production acceptance of stope (bench); and unify the geology, survey (trenching acceptance), mining plan, blasting design, production execution, stope production acceptance and other professional work of mine production into one visual platform.

3D visualization control

The centralized visualization of underground mine safety production is realized through the 3D visualization platform. Based on the mine production, safety monitoring data and spatial database, the 3D visualization and virtual environment of mine resources and mining environment are used as the platform, using 3D GIS, VR and other technical means. Carry out 3D digital modeling for open-pit deposit geology, ore pile, bench, transportation roads and other production process and phenomena, to realize real-time 3D display of mine production environment and safety monitoring, form 3D visual integration, and support production and operation management and control.

Intelligent truck dispatching

The system controls and manages the whole process of loading, transportation and unloading via computers, aiming at loading and unloading points there are no trucks waiting for, which gives full play to the equipment efficiency, ensure the full load of the operating equipment, and achieve accurate ore proportioning; automatically realize the rational allocation and utilization of production resources, so as to achieve the highest efficiency, improve the use efficiency of trucks and electric shovels, and complete more production tasks with the same number of equipment and the lowest consumption.

Personnel positioning system

GPS/Beidou high-precision positioning and 5G network transmission technology are used in outdoor areas, and positioning and signal return are carried out by wearing wearable devices such as badges, wristbands, and safety helmets, which can be displayed in real time during 3D visualization. The location distribution can be queried in real time, and functions such as target tracking, trajectory query, and automatic report generation can be realized.

Video surveillance system in the whole mining area

The video surveillance system proposes all-round solutions for video surveillance, signal transmission, central control, remote supervision, etc., which can realize the networking of the mine and the monitoring center, and make the mine safety management stride towards a scientific, standardized and digital management track, and improve the safety management level. The video surveillance system uses AI technology to automatically identify various violations such as personnel not wearing safety helmet and mining crossing the border.

Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system has functions of PM2.5 and PM10 monitoring, environmental temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and noise monitoring. It also has functions of online real-time monitoring, video monitoring, relay control, data management, and alarm management.

Automatic online monitoring system of slope

GPS/BeiDou high-precision positioning and 5G network transmission technology are adopted to realize the real-time online monitoring of rainfall in the whole mining area, timely online monitor slope surface displacement and environment in the landslide prone area under mining and the areas that have been mined with environment repaired, monitor the slope displacement impact and mining environment, and provide early warning and analysis functions, which can preview the slope changes, providing a reliable and comprehensive monitoring data for slope safety monitoring. The monitoring results are uploaded to the control center in real time and displayed timely on the 3D visualization platform.

Production command center

The display system of the production command center is designed and implemented via LCD screen splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, network technology, and centralized control technology. It is a large screen display system with high brightness and definition, intelligent control and the most advanced operation methods

Driverless truck system

Use high-precision satellite positioning and inertial navigation and install some sensing equipment and control components as assistance, formulate equipment transportation trajectories, and issue transportation trajectories for each equipment through the scheduling platform to realize the automatic tracking driving of unmanned transportation equipment according to the fixed route, and complete the whole process of loading, transportation and unloading, as well as necessary water, refueling and other support operations.

Remote control of shovel equipment

The remote control of shovel equipment has a wide range of application scenarios, especially in harsh environments and dangerous areas, such as remote mining areas, mining goafs and other areas that personnel cannot reached. It will greatly improve the operation efficiency, save manpower and ensure the safety of personnel.


Intelligent mine construction will optimize the rational allocation of open-pit mine resources, improve management, reduce accident rates, increase production efficiency by 3%-12%, reduce diesel consumption by 5%-9%, and reduce tire consumption by 8%-30%. It can reduce the blasting cost by 2%-4%, prolong the service life of the mine; improve the management level of ore proportioning, and through the system, the bottlenecks affecting the efficiency and the stability of ore proportioning in the production organization can be found in time. The comprehensive utilization of resources has been realized, and the concept of waste-free mining and green mountains and clear waters is invaluable. After the comprehensive utilization of resources, the mine has reduced the land occupation of waste rock discharge.

Solution for Intelligent Truck Dispatching for Open-pit Mines


Open-pit mines have the characteristics of operation range wide, large location changes, and rapid changes in equipment status. The traditional production scheduling and production organization methods cannot timely, comprehensively and accurately grasp the frequent changes of on-site operating conditions. Relying on dispatchers personal experience to adjust production, the optimization and high efficiency in the mining production process cannot be guaranteed. Manual collecting information and manual calculating data results in low data accuracy and poor response timeliness; and manual implementing the ore blending plan to dispatch vehicles results in large fluctuations in the blending grade. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production consumption, it must be based on the overall management of large-scale production, based on the optimal real-time scheduling of real-time production information, and form a scientific and intelligent computer scheduling system, which can fundamentally solve the problem in production management process issues to ensure efficient and productive production goals are achieved.

In 2001, Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the "Tenth Five-Year" scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and began to independently develop an intelligent truck dispatching system. The project was implemented in Shougang Shuichang iron mine in 2002 and passed the national acceptance in 2003. After more than 20 years of dedicated research, it has developed to the fifth generation, and has achieved the following achievements:

In 2006, the Beijing Science and Technology Commission identified it as "the domestic initiative and the international advanced"

In 2007, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award;

In 2011, obtained the copyright of the GPS truck intelligent dispatching system for open-pit mining;

In 2012, obtained the invention patent of "Automatic Hole Arrangement System for High Precision GPS Roller Drilling Machine"

In 2019, won the second prize of Building Materials Science and Technology Award;

In 2019, Intelligent Ore Mixing System for Open-pit Stopes obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate of.

In 2019, Research on Open-pit Mine Fuel Intelligent Control System and Key Technologies obtained the third prize of Metallurgical Mining Science and Technology Award.


System structure

The system makes comprehensive use of global satellite positioning technology, wireless communication technology, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, data analysis and other technologies to intelligently control the whole process of loading, transportation and unloading in the stope.

The system consists of three parts: intelligent terminal, control center and wireless communication system.

Functional Architecture

The system adopts a modular design and consists of many sub-modules, including: intelligent scheduling, two-dimensional electronic map, three-dimensional electronic map, intelligent report, intelligent ore proportioning, fuel control, anti-collision, anti-fatigue driving, reversing image, vehicle-mounted video, tire pressure management, weighing management, large screen display, video monitoring, automatic high-precision holes layout and other modules.

Network Architecture

The network includes local area network and stope wireless network.

According to the actual situation in the mine, the stope wireless network supports MESH, 4G ad hoc network, 5G ad hoc network, 4G public network, 5G public network, etc. to the cover the stope, and combined with the mine management network and control network to achieve multi-network unity for unified management.

Intelligent Terminal

The intelligent terminal is installed on the mobile equipment in the stope with the functions of waterproof, dustproof, anti-heating and anti-seismic. It can adapt to the industrial site, and has the function of self-protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and undervoltage. Adopt colorful touch screen menu operation, with functions of positioning, automatic identifying equipment status, dispatching, vehicle status reporting, sending information for other equipment, system establishment, computing, communication, navigation, interface, information caching, voice broadcast prompt, information query, equipment maintenance management, alarm function, system interface and other functions.

Production command center

The production command center is the brain of intelligent mining scheduling and future smart mine system construction. It is responsible for the production command, overall coordination of the production in the mining area, and executing higher-level production planning, management and other related functions. It is the direct command organization for production in the entire open-pit mine.

Implement features and optimize

Smart scheduling

Real-time dynamic collecting data, synthesizing more than 20 constraint factors, without human intervention, the system dynamically and intelligently dispatch vehicles.

Equipment status monitoring

The system automatically performs position monitoring by Beidou and GPS tracking system, automatically collects the production equipment information at any point in time, such as position, status, speed, direction, material, etc., and displays it on the software interface at any time.

Scheduling Chart

The system can automatically generate various production data statistical reports in real time, including personnel output reports, truck and shovel output reports, equipment transportation distance query, overspeed conditions, etc., which is displayed in intuitive ways such as pie charts, bar charts, and curve graphs to provide evidence for production decision-making.

Management business cockpit

The management business cockpit provides managers with more comprehensive, more intuitive and more instructive decision-making data.

Intelligent ore proportioning

According to the current situation of open-pit mining, the mining plan and the grade distribution of blasting piles, the set ore quantity and grade constraints, the optimal ore proportioning scheme can be obtained through the optimization calculation among multiple blasting piles, and the adjustment knob can be used to seek the best balance between proportioning fineness and production efficiency.

Fuel consumption control

The system is mainly composed of a tanker control device, a vehicle identification device, a fuel consumption collection device, a vehicle terminal, data transmission network and a central control center. It can realize real-time tracking the oil flow and gas station consumption, oil tankers, dump trucks and construction machinery, and can effectively prevent the abnormal oil loss in the refueling process.

Weighing management

The system adopts radar measurement technology, and the scanning device is installed on the gantry crane that the mine cart must pass through. When trucks pass under the gantry crane at a constant speed, the radar measuring instrument scans the truck bucket outline at a fan-shaped angle to obtain volumetric images and data of the ore loaded in the truck.

Tire pressure management

Mining vehicle tires are one of the three major consumables invested in mining. Many mining tires are scrapped due to early failure, even spontaneous combustion, explosion, and life safety. The tire pressure management system can monitor the running status of tires in real time, detect tire failures in time, prevent tire bursts and other emergencies to ensure safe and efficient production.


Using GPS positioning technology, wireless communication technology, supplemented by technologies such as voice alarm and prediction algorithm, it can fully solve problems of vehicle collision accidents that plagues production managers caused by complex working space, high working intensity, many dead zone, complex vehicle models, and long-term work in the mining area to provide a reliable safety guarantee for the normal production in open-pit mines.

Anti-fatigue system

It analyzes the driver's dangerous driving behavior and performs early warning and the driver's face attendance. The collected video is used for the host executing the intelligent algorithm for analyzing the dangerous driving behavior. It can detect behaviors such as smoking, phone calls, not looking ahead, fatigue driving, etc., and send an alarm to remind the driver in time.

Reverse image

When the truck is reversing, the reversing image is displayed on the smart terminal to ensure the reversing safety.

High precision holes arrangement of drilling machine

The high-precision centimeter-level multi-system satellite positioning technology is used to realize the precise positioning of the drill pipe, realize the hole layout and perforation process, improve the automatic control level and accuracy of hole layout and perforation operation, and achieve the refinement management process and control process digitization.

Effect and Benefit

Solution for Unattended Substation System


The underground substation is an important component of the underground power supply system. The safe operation of the substation is related to the safe production and economic operation of the enterprise. Facing the complex geological conditions and harsh working environment underground, the unattended substation is to meet the development needs of the enterprise, which can effectively reduce the personnel number and reduce costs.


In order to improve the automatic control level of the whole mine, improve labor productivity, monitor the production equipment, it should take corresponding technical measures to monitor electrical equipment and system parameters such as current, voltage, power, etc., as well as the operating status, forecast and monitor breakdown signals which would be sent to the control room through network.

System composition

Substation is set up at each level with a collection control station, which collects various data from the comprehensive protection system of the central substation and the multi-functional monitoring device system installed in the substation, and transmits the electrical data in distribution circuits such as current, voltage, power, etc. to the control system.

Communications network

Collect data from comprehensive insurance system and multi-function meter through RS485 or Ethernet

Acquisition control station

A control station is set up in the substation at each level, which can process the collected information, and can remotely stop and transmit power through the control station.

Monitor host

A monitoring host is placed in the surface control room to display real-time data of substations underground, which is used to set parameters, display alarms, remotely control power transmission, etc., and create production electricity reports.

System effect

Unattended high and low voltage distribution rooms;

Automatic data collection;

Remote power stop/start, reduce the labor intensity of personnel.

Solution for intelligent Production Management and Control System


With the rapid development of science and technology, the industry in the world has entered a new development epoch. Germany proposed "Industry 4.0", the United States proposed the "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing", Japan proposed the "Science and Technology Industry Alliance", and the United Kingdom proposed "Industry 2050 Strategy", China also proposed "Made in China 2025". The fourth industrial revolution also provides an opportunity to the promoting MES, and the extensive application of ERP and PCS in manufacturing enterprises also provides a good foundation for MES. But for now, the understanding and implementation of MES varies from industry to industry, and the development is unbalanced in different regions. Therefore, industries and enterprises should choose MES suitable for their own development according to their own conditions and characteristics to solve the problems that the traditional manufacturing information systems and process control systems are lack of information connection. Therefore, implementing MES in manufacturing enterprises is of great significance.

First of all, MES is not only an important part of the implementation of Industry 4.0, but also an effective means of deep integration of the two industries which has attracted more and more attention. MES has become the core management system for enterprise transformation, upgrading and sustainable development.

Second, the current market situation in the mining industry requires in-depth implementing enterprise fine management, which requires implementing MES that can realize production management informatization in factory, mine, workshop, and manufacturing execution process monitoring informatization.

Third, monitoring the mine production process is inconvenient, and the standard of process control stability is difficult to meet. MES realizes the transparency and scientific management of the production process in factories, mines and workshops. It can timely find out the root that causes problems affecting product quality and consumption costs, improve the real-time and flexibility of planning, and at the same time improve the output efficiency of the production line which makes the process line produce the designed output or beyond the design capability.


The solution for MES provides enterprises with an effective way that can realize transparent management in the production process. It is an information management system with production management as the core, helping enterprises to establish an integrated and transparent production site process control management platform, and to build a complete production process database which can real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability in the production process, and continuously improve product output and quality through statistical analysis of data, so as to continuously improve market influence.

System Composition and Architecture

Taking production process as the principal line, based on real-time industrial data such as automation, measurement, and energy; MES runs through professional management process such as production, quality, scheduling, equipment, technology, procurement, sales, and energy, covers twelve functional modules, that is management, technical management, production shipping, production scheduling, production control, product inventory, material management, equipment management, energy management, quality management, measurement management, system management.

Benefit and Effect

The main management effects are as follows:

The management level has been significant improved.

Strengthen centralized management, form a collaborative mechanism, and promote collaborative management

Weaken functional management and strengthen process management.

Promote standardized management and improve execution.

Promote refined management and strengthen management intensity.

Improve management transparency and increase management binding.

The management efficiency has been significant improved

The system can reflect production, measurement, quality, logistics and other data timely and dynamically, and can be queried and applied at any time.

Data and information are got from the lowest level of measurement, quality inspection, equipment acquisition or automatically generated by the system, which is timely and accurate.

Leaders and managers at all levels are freed from a large number of repetitive tasks with low management content.

In the past, work that required manual methods and took a lot of manpower and time is now transformed into simple and short-lived work with the help of information technology, and the work efficiency has been improved hundreds of times .

Management foundation has been strengthened

Provide true and accurate data. From manual input to direct collecting from automated instruments and meters into the secondary database for processing and sorting, the data is transparent whose authenticity can be guaranteed.

Accelerate data analysis and response. The system automatically forms a visual report board, which can make you pays attention to the real-time production situation on site in real time at any places.

Open-pit Mining
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