Sintering Production Control System
Intelligent Sintering Blending System
Sintering Composition Forecast System
Sintering Expert Forecast System
Intelligent Control System for End-point of Sintering
Intelligent Sintering Ignition Control System
Sintering Material-distributing intelligent control system
Automatic Ring Cooler Control System
Unattended Substation System

Solution for intelligent Production Management and Control System


With the rapid development of science and technology, the industry in the world has entered a new development epoch. Germany proposed "Industry 4.0", the United States proposed the "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing", Japan proposed the "Science and Technology Industry Alliance", and the United Kingdom proposed "Industry 2050 Strategy", China also proposed "Made in China 2025". The fourth industrial revolution also provides an opportunity to the promoting MES, and the extensive application of ERP and PCS in manufacturing enterprises also provides a good foundation for MES. But for now, the understanding and implementation of MES varies from industry to industry, and the development is unbalanced in different regions. Therefore, industries and enterprises should choose MES suitable for their own development according to their own conditions and characteristics to solve the problems that the traditional manufacturing information systems and process control systems are lack of information connection. Therefore, implementing MES in manufacturing enterprises is of great significance.

First of all, MES is not only an important part of the implementation of Industry 4.0, but also an effective means of deep integration of the two industries which has attracted more and more attention. MES has become the core management system for enterprise transformation, upgrading and sustainable development.

Second, the current market situation in the mining industry requires in-depth implementing enterprise fine management, which requires implementing MES that can realize production management informatization in factory, mine, workshop, and manufacturing execution process monitoring informatization.

Third, monitoring the mine production process is inconvenient, and the standard of process control stability is difficult to meet. MES realizes the transparency and scientific management of the production process in factories, mines and workshops. It can timely find out the root that causes problems affecting product quality and consumption costs, improve the real-time and flexibility of planning, and at the same time improve the output efficiency of the production line which makes the process line produce the designed output or beyond the design capability.


The solution for MES provides enterprises with an effective way that can realize transparent management in the production process. It is an information management system with production management as the core, helping enterprises to establish an integrated and transparent production site process control management platform, and to build a complete production process database which can real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability in the production process, and continuously improve product output and quality through statistical analysis of data, so as to continuously improve market influence.

System Composition and Architecture

Taking production process as the principal line, based on real-time industrial data such as automation, measurement, and energy; MES runs through professional management process such as production, quality, scheduling, equipment, technology, procurement, sales, and energy, covers twelve functional modules, that is management, technical management, production shipping, production scheduling, production control, product inventory, material management, equipment management, energy management, quality management, measurement management, system management.

Benefit and Effect

The main management effects are as follows:

The management level has been significant improved.

Strengthen centralized management, form a collaborative mechanism, and promote collaborative management

Weaken functional management and strengthen process management.

Promote standardized management and improve execution.

Promote refined management and strengthen management intensity.

Improve management transparency and increase management binding.

The management efficiency has been significant improved

The system can reflect production, measurement, quality, logistics and other data timely and dynamically, and can be queried and applied at any time.

Data and information are got from the lowest level of measurement, quality inspection, equipment acquisition or automatically generated by the system, which is timely and accurate.

Leaders and managers at all levels are freed from a large number of repetitive tasks with low management content.

In the past, work that required manual methods and took a lot of manpower and time is now transformed into simple and short-lived work with the help of information technology, and the work efficiency has been improved hundreds of times .

Management foundation has been strengthened

Provide true and accurate data. From manual input to direct collecting from automated instruments and meters into the secondary database for processing and sorting, the data is transparent whose authenticity can be guaranteed.

Accelerate data analysis and response. The system automatically forms a visual report board, which can make you pays attention to the real-time production situation on site in real time at any places.

Intelligent Sintering Blending System

In traditional sintering production, the calculation and adjustment of sintering blending are mainly carried out by the reverse method which results in unstable ingredients and not timely adjustment. It is easy to make the product index fluctuate greatly, which affects the quality of the product.

According to the inspection data of incoming raw materials, combined with the blending model in the expert system, the blending scheme can automatically be given, and combine the inspection and laboratory data in the production process to give the blending adjustment suggestions. The system can realize the adjustment results are directly sent to the control system without manual participation, fully realize the automatic operation and production.

Sintering Raw Material Composition Forecast System

In China, the variety of sintering raw materials is complex and the composition fluctuates greatly, and the sintering process has the characteristics of large lag, multi-coupling and complex dynamic process, which makes it difficult to accurately control the chemical composition of sintering raw materials. The sintering raw material composition forecasting system effectively solves this problem.

The system uses neural network technology to establish a mathematical model, and combines the process parameters and chemical test results collected in real time during the production process to obtain the forecasting results of sintering material composition. Through the strong self-learning ability of the neural network, the mathematical model can be continuously improved, thereby continuously improving the prediction accuracy.

Sintering Expert Forecast System

Business Background

With the emergence of new equipment and the development of automation technology, the automation level of most domestic sintering plants has made great progress, and basic automation has been basically realized. However, in order to reduce the production cost of the enterprise, improve the product quality, stabilize the production process and reduce the labor intensity, it is difficult to make a major breakthrough only using basic automation.

The "intelligent expert system" generated by the combination of emerging artificial intelligence technology, big data analysis technology, cloud computing and other advanced technologies and traditional automation technology effectively solves the problem of batching quality control, sintering machine speed control, sintering end point, bellows temperature control, the main exhaust fan control, etc. difficult problems in process control, and at the same time, it can also give adjustment suggestions based on the test results.

Project Objectives

Constructing "intelligent expert system" in the sintering plant, it provides strong support for the steady, low energy consumption and sustainable development of sintering production.

Intelligent expert control module

Intelligent Analysis Module

Application benefit and effect

The expert system effectively solves the difficulties in traditional control, stabilizes the production process, ensures the quality of sintered ore products and effectively reduces energy consumption. The intelligent analysis provides decision-making basis for production personnel and managers.

Intelligent Control System for End-point of Sintering

The intelligent combustion end point control model is used to jointly participate in the control strategy according to the logical calculation of BRP (sintering rising point) and BTP (sintering end point) data. The variables of the sintering end point and the temperature of each bellows are analyzed and calculated in real time, and the speed adjustment of the sintering machine is obtained according to the comparison of the measured data and the control value, so as to realize the intelligent control of the production process of the sintering host.

Intelligent Sintering Ignition Control System

The ignition control model is used to control the gas and air flow online. When controlling the ignition energy, the sintering machine speed, the ignition temperature and the operating state are considered to achieve the best mixing ratio. On the basis of fully burning the gas, the ignition temperature and ignition intensity can reach the expected request.

The Intelligent Material Distribution Control System for Sintering Process

According to the speed of the sintering host machine and the average material thickness of the sintering machine trolley, the round roller distributor automatically adjusts the speed to control the blanking amount, and the hydraulic fine-tuning gate automatically adjusts the gate opening according to the material thickness uniformity, so as to achieve closed-loop controlling the material thickness of the trolley.

Automatic Ring Cooling trolley Control System

The system achieves automatic ash discharge through positioning the ash unloading trolley, weighing the ash unloading trolley, the PLC remote control the system and the optimization of the ash discharge system process. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the ash unloading process of the ring cooler, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the overall automation control level of the sintering production is improved.

Solution forUnattended Substation System


The underground substation is an important component of the underground power supply system. The safe operation of the substation is related to the safe production and economic operation of the enterprise. Facing the complex geological conditions and harsh working environment underground, the unattended substation is to meet the development needs of the enterprise, which can effectively reduce the personnel number and reduce costs.


In order to improve the automatic control level of the whole mine, improve labor productivity, monitor the production equipment, it should take corresponding technical measures to monitor electrical equipment and system parameters such as current, voltage, power, etc., as well as the operating status, forecast and monitor breakdown signals which would be sent to the control room through network.

System composition

Substation is set up at each level with a collection control station, which collects various data from the comprehensive protection system of the central substation and the multi-functional monitoring device system installed in the substation, and transmits the electrical data in distribution circuits such as current, voltage, power, etc. to the control system.

Communications network

Collect data from comprehensive insurance system and multi-function meter through RS485 or Ethernet

Acquisition control station

A control station is set up in the substation at each level, which can process the collected information, and can remotely stop and transmit power through the control station.

Monitor host

A monitoring host is placed in the surface control room to display real-time data of substations underground, which is used to set parameters, display alarms, remotely control power transmission, etc., and create production electricity reports.

System effect

Unattended high and low voltage distribution rooms;

Automatic data collection;

Remote power stop/start, reduce the labor intensity of personnel.

Sintering Plant
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