Pelletizing Production Control System
Intelligent Pelletizing Blending System
Intelligent Balling System
Pelletizing Expert System
Automation System for Grate-rotary Kiln-ring Cooler Pelletizing
Rotary Kiln Heat Balance System
Intelligent Grate Speed Regulating System
Automatic Ring Cooler Operation System
Intelligent Ring Cooler Speed Regulating System
Automation System for Belt-type Roasting Pelletizing
Balance System of Five-fans of Belt-type Pelletizing
Belt Pellet Core Temperature Control System

Solution for Pelletizing Production Control System

In order to make pelletizing factories meet the requirements of "production equipment smoothly running and stable product quality", Beijing Soly has established a system platform for comprehensive production management and control and intelligent equipment control for pelletizing process. The platform mainly includes production management, production information, production technology, inspection management, belt cleaning management, equipment management, process facility management, shift management, batching management, intelligent control, 3D pelletizing and other functional modules, which have changed the production management mode in the pelletizing factory and improved the intelligent pelletizing manufacturing level.

System functions

Production management: display real-time data from main process, dynamic statistics of output, raw and fuel consumption, equipment operation, etc.

Production information: real-time statistics of minute data, hourly data, and abnormal data of point locations

Production technology: process standard item analysis, process standard assessment

Inspection management: sample inspection of mineral processing, raw materials, pellets, and coal production

Equipment management: equipment files, precision inspection, digital maintenance, equipment cycle management

Batching management: batching project maintenance, batching calculation

Process facility management: process facility inspection and rectification, process facility rectification sign

Intelligent control: intelligent filling warehouse, intelligent batching, intelligent roasting

Pellet intelligent batching system solution

Pellet ingredients are the basis of pellet production. Most of the batching models in pellet factories are production technology departments. The mold configuration is manually calculated based on experience. The disadvantage is that real-time material tracking cannot be performed, and the proportioning adjustment is not timely enough.

The intelligent batching model is based on the material level tracking system of the silo combined with the laboratory data, and according to the batching model of the expert database, the batching plan is automatically produced, and it is sent to the control layer. And according to the production and operation requirements of the pelletizing plant, the most cost -effective batching plan can also be calculated according to the price of different raw materials, according to the algorithm with the best price for qualified quality.

Solution for Intelligent Balling System

Balling is an important process of pelletizing production. Based on the characteristics of fine crushing magnetic separation of iron concentrate in China, it is more suitable for pelletizing production. The balling properties made of iron concentrate and additives with different quality are very different. Simply adjusting water cannot meet the adaptive balling quality. The intelligent pelletizing technology developed by our company adopts the method of pre-adding water according to the batching ingredients and the data from pelletizing expert database.

Through AI video analysis technology, summarize the hardware experience of workers who is responsible for balling, adopt machine learning mode, analyze the pelletizing quality trend, adjust pelletizing parameters, and finally stabilize the pelletizing area.

Solution for Pelletizing Production Control System


In order to increase production, reduce consumption, and improve product quality, pelletizing enterprises often need to study advanced control and efficient control for the production process after realizing basic automation. Therefore, the requirements of "smooth operation of production equipment and stable product quality" are put forward to promote changing production management mode in pellet plants and improve the intelligent manufacturing level of pelletizing.

At the market level, enterprises are generally faced with overcapacity problem, and the market competition is fierce; at the social level, the rising labor costs and the heavy burden of environmental resources have brought great pressure to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; at the technical level, on the basis of general automation, vigorous development of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has provided strong technical support for the further intelligent upgrade of the manufacturing industry.

With the development of modern information technology , more and more attention has been paid to enterprise intelligent management. Based on the existing management module, with intelligent planning, intelligent execution and intelligent control as the core, and intelligent decision-making as the basis, intelligently allocate enterprise resources to realize an efficient management system of "human-machine coordination " in the enterprise.

The pelletizing production involves many processes which are closely related. If any link is not in place, it will affect the economic benefits. Therefore, mastering more actual conditions on the pelletizing site, improving the judgment and processing ability of production management personnel, and strengthening the improvement and perfection of pelletizing production have also become the guarantee for the smooth operation of pelletizing production.

The pelletizing production control system is based on the status quo of production management, with production control as the core which includes production management, production information, production technology, inspection management, belt cleaning management, equipment management, process facility management, shift management, ingredient management, intelligent control, three-dimensional pelletizing and other functional modules, build a management control and feedback system, aiming to improve the intelligent manufacturing level of enterprises.


Through constructing the pelletizing production management and control system, a unified platform for comprehensive production management and intelligent control is provided for pelletizing enterprises, to improve the intelligent manufacturing level.

Function and Architecture

Production Monitoring

Production Information

Inspection Management

Belt Conveyor Cleaning

Equipment Management

Ingredient Management

Process Facility Management

Intelligent Control

3D pelletizing


The L2 pelletizing production management and control platform caters to "intelligent manufacturing", realizes comprehensive management and intelligent control of pelletizing production, and provides wealthy reference information and decision-making basis for front-line production personnel; the three-dimensional pellet intuitively displays the on-site real-time running dynamics to realize the transition from traditional 2D to 3D.

Solution for Chain Grate-RotaryKiln-Ring Cooler Pelletizing Automation System

After the high-efficiency chain grate -rotary kiln- ring cooler pelletizing process was successfully used in Shougang Mining Company, the whole-process control system with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company has also been put into operation. Our company has the capability of general contracting design, devices supplied, and construction of whole-process pelletizing automation system, and has completed 20 sets of control systems at home and abroad.

Solution for Rotary kiln Heat Balance System

Based on the thermal test results of the chain grate -rotary kiln production line, the heat balance mathematical model of the rotary kiln system is established, and the theoretically required fuel quantity can be obtained according to the heat balance of the rotary kiln. At the same time, the kiln tail temperature is introduced for feedback adjustment, and a fuzzy controller is used to control the kiln tail temperature which is time varying, large inertia and large lag. The successful application of this system effectively reduces fuel consumption and stabilizes the temperature in the rotary kiln system.

Solution for Intelligent Chain Grate Speed Regulation System

With the help of a large amount of data from the L2 system, the system integrates balling prediction, ball belt weighing data, return material weighing data, and radar level meter data, adopting AI recognition, neural network, fuzzy calculation, etc. are used to automatically adjust the speed of the chain grate machine to achieve the stability of the material thickness, which lays a good foundation for the stability and smoothness of the grate fan system.

Solution for Automatic Ring-cooling Trolley Operation System

This system provides a control scheme for the automatic ash unloading of the ring-cooling trolley, which can be used for the automatic ash unloading system of the ring-cooling trolley in sintering and pelletizing process, and can also be applied to the ash unloading system of other processes in the metallurgical industry. This scheme realizes the automatic ash unloading of the ring-cooling trolley, changing the operation mode of the manual ash unloading, optimizing the ash removal process, and relieving the labor force from the harsh environment on site out, improve production efficiency and reduce the incidence of work-related injuries and occupational diseases.

Solution for Automatic Ring Cooler Speed Regulation System

This system adopts related data from the secondary material balance system, collects the image of the material-flatting weight of the ring cooler, and analyzes the accumulation height of the material through AI analysis. Combined with the temperature of the finished product belt, it matches the operating frequency of the fan. Finally, the material is cool, and energy is saved.

Solution for Full-Process Belt Pelletizing Automation System

Following control system of chain grate-rotary kiln-ring cooler pelletizing process, our company has made new development in belt pelletizing. While digesting and absorbing foreign experience, our company has independently completed the control system design, software development, installation and debugging for Sangang Minguang belt pelletizing and Hegang Legang belt pelletizing.

Solutions for Five Fan Balance System of Belt Pelletizing

The belt pelletizing wind system is divided into five major fans: the main exhaust fan, the heat recovery fan, up-draught drying fan, the furnace hood fan and the cooling fan. The system aims to stably control pressure, realizes the automouse pressure adjustment, reduces manual intervention, and stabilizes the production quality.

Solution for Belt Pelletizing Core Temperature Control System

The belt pelletizing adopts the roasting mode of multi-point combustion. The combustible gas flow of the burner is the main means to control temperature. The system completes the distribution of temperature field in the form of independent self-learning. Through the full discussion of the production process, the belt pelletizing temperature control model with independent intellectual property rights is completed.

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