On November 29, the Datong Limestone Mine Digital Mine Project of Hangzhou Shanya South Cement Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanya South) participated by Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. ...
Beijing Soly Technology Co., Ltd. and Daixian Mining Co., Ltd. successfully signed the contract of "Safety Double Control Management System Project" in July 2022. The project focuses on the managem...
The 280 level of Shangqing Mine in Jilin Tonggang Slate Mining was shut down in August. As a necessary condition for the resumption of production, the unmanned electric locomotive project is very t...
Due to the frequent cross operation of vehicles in the mining area, the complex working environment of vehicles, and the limited sight distance of drivers, it is easy to cause serious accidents suc...
Logistics is the economic lifeblood of enterprises. Under the background of intelligent manufacturing, the establishment of intelligent logistics system is the only way for the intelligent developm...
For mining industry in the 21st century, there is no dispute that it is necessary to build a new intelligent mode to realize the digitalization of resources and mining environment, the intellectual...
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